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in the construction of enterprise station should not be used by a practice to set the navigation bar, company profiles, news and information, contact us the navigation bar for our website really works? Just site included an enterprise station is generally the news has beenincluded more, and products the content is basically not included. This phenomenon is not a collection of health condition is not ideal, because a website construction enterprises the main purpose is to think highly of exposure of their products or services to bring sales. So, the enterprise station of Shanghai Longfeng Er should always hold as much as possible to allow search engines to optimize the product page. read more

A5 marketing why no big companies to do Shanghai dragon outsourcing

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a website sound, not only to send the chain, but also to optimize the long-term follow-up of the station, such as the correct keywords and internal chain deployment, structure, upgrade the user experience, will directly affect the growth effect of site, even some of the company’s director of Shanghai Longfeng income will reach more than one million.


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some of the sites did not responsible for Shanghai Longfeng processing, even Shanghai dragon team could reach more than 10 people, why they do not choose to do outsourcing? Otherwise unable to obtain stable flow. This is why? Because no one can make the outsourcing company website ranking really reach the top. read more