How to select excellent employees in the restaurant

opened a restaurant, there are a lot of preparation to do, choose a good location, find a good decoration scheme, have to recruit outstanding employees. In this article, the small series focuses on the recruitment and selection of staff, teach you how to find excellent employees. Here are the details:

1 to select senior staff

be familiar with the environment, familiar with the guests, familiar with the operation procedures, master the target customer positioning, for regular customers, regulars, consumer, leadership and surrounding competition; status should be very clear and understanding. Only meet these conditions can be better in line with the needs of the post, but also better for the customer service. read more

Open dry cleaners must pay attention to the four matters needing attention

people are now more and more accepting of the service industry, people used to prefer to wash clothes at home, and now often choose not to wash the clothes do not bother to send dry cleaners chain. This brings to the development of the dry cleaning industry business opportunities.

now in the era of fast food, dry cleaning industry development is downwind sailing! Many people join the dry cleaners investment success entrepreneurial choice! Several matters needing attention when the dry cleaning shop. read more

Shanxi will build a number of entrepreneurial cities to achieve more employment

this is an era of innovation and industrial restructuring, Shanxi as a large province of traditional resources, is also actively looking for the transformation of the road. Shanxi trying to develop innovative projects in the new era of the new situation, the environment to achieve the goal of pollution, and continue to support local entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

“early start, we are one of only 3 personal computer 2 studio, due to the shortage of funds and personnel, as well as to the local electricity supplier industry understanding is not deep enough, a lot of difficulties in the early stage. When we are faced with the plight of survival and development, the Provincial Department of human resources and social affairs, the provincial Employment Bureau has given us strong support and guidance, so that we get rid of the dilemma.” Wang Wang, general manager of Shanxi Network Technology Co., Ltd. Li Jiening told reporters. read more

DAMBOLO shoes to join a good market choice

actually, the choice of women’s shoes to join the market, is a very wise choice. Women’s shoes to join, for entrepreneurs, the cost is small but large profit margins. DAMBOLO what about women’s shoes? Good quality projects, successful venture worthy of trust!

said thick shoes ugly people, must have seen their own thick shoes to wear the ugly look, but certainly did not see those female stars wear thick shoes, beautiful and confident and the appearance of gas. Among the many female stars, the number of Fan Bingbing like to wear thick soled shoes, it can be said that all the year round in the wear, there is a pattern, pure color, anyway, thick soled shoes style has come a. Of course, in addition to Fan Bingbing, as well as Angelababy, Zhao Liying and Zhao Wei, they are not to be ignored, but also very deep love shoes. Always like to wear a pair of thick shoes, show a strong gas field. read more

Xiamen innovation and strong emphasis on international market

the pace of economic globalization continues to accelerate, a high-quality enterprise only to meet the domestic market is not enough, but also to overseas development. Xiamen for the phenomenon of economic globalization, for the development of the enterprise requirements, innovation and strong, both in line with the international market, we have a detailed understanding of the following.

yesterday afternoon, the Municipal Standing Committee, Haicang Taiwanese Investment Zone Party committee secretary, party secretary Huang Qiang led the research area of industrial enterprises, has come to the long bus, amoytop, ed Sadegh, biological biological enterprise, the field to understand the situation of production and operation, the scene to coordinate the resolution of difficulties and problems encountered by enterprises, encourage enterprises to accelerate the capital expansion to achieve large-scale production. read more

How much money does it take to join the left right fried chicken burger

to say fast food is the most convenient and most can solve the problem of hunger is still the most Western fast-food hamburger, Chinese into the original fast food items, now the consumer demand is still bujiandangnian. In fact, the original hamburger is minced beef and noodles, made of meat pie, so called beef pie. In 1850, German immigrants hamburger hamburger cooking skills to the United states. In 1932, some people will be the fried beef cake sprinkled with food as staple food or snacks Dinner Roll with sesame in later retrofit, gradually merging with the sandwich, beef pie caught in a split into two small bread, called for a hamburger, hamburger bread. read more