The ten rod brand ranking

fishing this has some movement has always been loved by a lot of people, in order to survive it, or a kind of leisure activities, in short, rod market because this interest hobby has been rapid development. In fact, as early as in the Paleolithic era, the human nature of the use of tree branches and antlers antlers, pig teeth, stone, etc. made of primitive fishing gear in rivers, lakes, fish and shellfish.

6000 years ago, there have been China bone harpoons, hooks, fish dart gun head, etc.. Lu Guimeng of the Tang Dynasty in the "preface" fishing is described in detail and then distinguish the fishing gear and fishing method. Today, the prevalence of fishing gear, fishing law is the last two hundred or three hundred years and the development of the fishing gear materials have been replaced by synthetic fibers and plastics. The following ten fishing rod brand list, so that we can have a better understanding of the fishing rod market. read more

Excellent location to have which of the three conditions


is now a lot of people to pay a lot of efforts, choose a suitable location however, choose whether the location is excellent, in fact there are still some reference conditions. From the current investment market, if it is truly excellent location, also need to meet three conditions. So, excellent location to have what three requirements?

1, more than ten years of continuous operating power

store location is a long-term investment, which is related to the future of business development. When the environment changes, other operating factors can be adjusted, in order to adapt to changes in the external environment, and it is confirmed it is difficult to change. Therefore, enterprises must have a vision of development, not only to study the status quo, but also to correctly predict the future. Because the location of the site where the situation is changing: the traffic conditions are improving, the competition is more and more intense, the environment is changing and developing. read more

Join a new brand needs to pay attention to what the problem – the whole

business, many people are choosing a better brand to join, if it is a relatively new brand, then the time to join the need to pay attention to what? Getting involved in a new franchise is risky, but it could also generate a staggering profit. The trick is to identify those franchises that are at the cusp of the blast and offer 1000% returns.

1955, a multi mixer salesman ray · Crocker saw the future of Hamburg, and then opened the first McDonald’s franchise stores in illinois. Today, in the world’s 36000 Mai Don Laurie, more than 80% of the stores are franchise. read more

Creative entrepreneurship is not impossible

a lot of college students with their own ideas to venture. Only the idea to start a business, may not be able to succeed, but not all ideas are unrealistic. Here, we know a story of a successful entrepreneurial venture!

Tizhedenglong noctivagant, a person on the road, the pumpkin in the digital Puzzle Mat do yoga body shape…… These interesting little game from the north of the city of Hangzhou by a college founded by the "C-UP" creative shops, as long as a month to spend 15 yuan of money can become their members, to participate in various activities and special evening free. read more

Exclusive interpretation of children’s clothing display six key points

a lot of people in the time of starting from the children’s clothing industry, this industry has always been a very hot industry, then you know how to successfully run children’s clothing store? Children’s clothing display is a very typical life life of the display window display, reflect the childlike to display more vigor and vitality. Is the use of children’s life props to simulate the real life of children a display. The following is the key point of children’s clothing display: read more

Environmental protection latex paint shop management skills

sales of environmentally friendly latex paint products, business strategy, a good grasp of these businesses need to pay attention to matters, businesses can get better economic returns. So you certainly want to ask, in the end is the need to pay attention to what management skills? Xiaobian to tell you.

wall to join the project most of the investors will choose green latex paint shop, green latex paint shops investment to join us? In fact, environmental protection latex paint store investment is also very profitable, but you have to develop a reasonable business strategy, so that you will make more money to your store! read more

How to join – pool when

now, easy to join the choice of the project, is the choice of the city. How about going to the pool? High quality entrepreneurial projects, to join the pool convenience, shop is earned! Good projects, good business without friends!

per capita consumption of 100 yuan per capita, that is, $130 billion. Convenience of the market, not to be underestimated. When the market has occupied a certain position in Chinese, with the development of market economy, has entered the operational stage of brand equity, and quickly occupied the market of new territories, vertical and horizontal integration, the formation of market barriers, in the process with a large catering competition, always at a low cost, the starting characteristics of the way, won a huge market the amount of. read more

Glasses to join a few major pitfalls of entrepreneurship

eye industry and the rapid development of the huge business opportunities and wealth, which attracted the attention of many investors. Many people want to join the venture through the glasses to get rich, it can borrow the advantage of the brand can be easy to create their own careers, but the most important thing is to choose to join the brand glasses project. Choose the right glasses to join the brand, investors need to pay attention to the following errors.

now the Internet is so developed, all the members of the brand from a variety of angles on the network will be a thorough search of the clear, there is strength, regular, the Internet will have news. The size of the company, year, model, influence, advantages, disadvantages and comments, objective and comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the analysis is clear, don’t expect 100% of all good, nor listen to the words of blind decision. Because of the need for multi angle analysis. read more

Chong Qing Bus Station is too close to the name of the car caused by the elderly confused

has been to a lot of cities, the most worried than to leave, looking for a bus stop. Because many of the city’s bus stations tend to let visitors into a confused situation, which is not clear which one? Today Xiaobian introduce you to the story of the Chong Qing Bus Station is confusing!

"Chong Qing Bus Station" and "Chongqing bus station" straight-line distance of more than 100 meters, with the nearby Caiyuanba train station, but you get better?

took advantage of the "51" holiday to visit Chongqing two more than and 80 year old man, was free to return to Luzhou in May 3rd. City transportation group service center relevant responsible person said that the two stations are used for a long time, the direction of line distribution is relatively clear, "blind name will affect passenger travel". read more