Agents to withdraw from the Google Shanghai office government to promote negotiations restart

news November 12th, from East seven Google original agent information shows that agents have been evacuated from Google’s Shanghai office, the meditation and hunger strike protest will temporarily stop. It is understood that under the impetus of the government of Shanghai, the negotiations between the two sides have been restarted yesterday, but the agency said the two sides have not made substantial progress.

East China seven agents and the confrontation between Google, finally eased. Nearly four days occupied Google Shanghai office in East China seven agents, and staged a hunger strike after four days, the Shanghai municipal government under the intervention of both sides to return to the negotiating table.

11 this month at 1, East seven agents at the request of the government to withdraw from the Google office in Shanghai, and said it would suspend the hunger strike and meditation. On the same day, agents and restart negotiations between Google. But East China seven agents through Sina blog, said the negotiations as a whole has little effect". The negotiations will continue today.

the evening of September 27th, East seven agents of Hangzhou Netcom Internet, Wenzhou City owned rich investment, Ningbo Tiger wing, Jiang Sufu, Yangzhou, Xiamen, Ding Jie billion capital Jinhua Guosheng suddenly received Google Internet mail, they notice to cancel the agent qualification. Then the aggregation agent of Google Shanghai company, and hit my hard-earned money, fair and open "banner denouncing.

November 5th, East China seven agents and Google negotiations broke. It is reported that Google has closed all seven of these agents advertising customers, both parties have been confirmed.

The focus of

negotiations between the two sides mainly focused on the issue of compensation, according to Sina Technology, agents in terms of the amount of compensation claims about $7 million, while Google agreed to pay about $700 thousand, the huge differences between the two sides. Previously, seven agents said that the last step will not consider the legal approach. (Shu Shi)

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