Programming code hosting website a new round of open source heat

        original title: Code Hosting: a new round of open source hot

source code is often the core competitiveness of a science and technology enterprises. Many companies, such as Microsoft, has so far chosen to grasp the core of the source code in their own hands, open the source code itself is a major challenge.

developers have developed a set of code, finally found a similar code can be found in the open source community, developers have done a lot of useless. So how to make more efficient development of a code hosting platform, focusing on a variety of open source code, so that different developers can share code and exchange experience, is undoubtedly the best way. And that’s what GitHub is doing right now.

GitHub was founded in 2008, for enterprise users and individual developers to provide code hosting services, the number of registered users has more than 2 million, hosted code library is more than 3 million 500 thousand. Including Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, LinkedIn and Mozilla and other open source code hosted in GitHub.

for those who advocate open source developers, they can not only use Github to put up their apps to share with other developers, but also can use this platform to develop other components, make application development more convenient. As a former Microsoft chief software architect ray · Ozzy (Ray Ozzie) said: "the development process more than ever to ‘assembly’, because in GitHub or other places have many components, you can very quickly to assemble them into an effective solution."

according to foreign technology media TechCrunch reports, Andreessen Vc firm Horowitz is up to $100 million investment in GitHub, and the site has refused to finance. Financing report referred to the valuation of GitHub after financing has reached more than $750 million.

a new round of open source hot

GitHub fiery reflects from the side of the irresistible trend of open source. According to Gartner research report pointed out that in 2011, at least 80% of the commercial software contains a large number of open source code, large foreign software giants such as IBM, SUN, Dell, HP and Oracle have started to support the open source code, even if consistent with closed for Microsoft, but also gradually added to the source of the trend in the past. The launch of its mobile operating system Windows Phone8 itself is an open source operating system.

in the open and closed the debate, open source is to occupy the peak.

open source advantage is obvious, a soft

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