The operation of website operation personal website

network development has created a lot of talent, but also for many people to create wealth, more and more people into the network to go, to find their own ideals and wealth. When we chose the development of personal website, which may be confused, I talk about their own personal websites on the operations of the opinion, want to explore and exchange.

is the first technology. Can you think of the technical performance, no technical basis, then a good idea is just fantasy, although you can ask someone else to do what you want to achieve the function of others or other, but he can never be fully show your thoughts, after all, everyone’s ideas are not completely consistent, but as an individual station, this does not seem to be a good choice, not a problem please people to do, besides and spend money is not a person can easily afford, at present, white on others free aid is not too realistic, even friends help you two times, how could I have been let someone down. So only the technology in their own hands, not only without spending a lot of money, and the problems encountered in order to avoid the time delay smoothly done or easily solved.

is creative. A good idea to save a website, not Luluwuwei and no income. Inspiration is not just that one percent, of course, the more the more good ideas can bring you more benefits, which naturally goes without saying. Like to do business, another hotel Business Flourishes, also to copy a shop business is not better, sometimes just to do a dish can be changed, this is the signature dish, I believe everyone to eat a lot of time is directed to the signature dish. Many people also very solid, very hard every day but not with their own efforts is proportional to the lack of the idea, stop to think about it, perhaps can save a lot in labor.

then is interest and effort. Interests and efforts are inseparable, do their own interest in order to persevere to do it, there is no interest in the effort is not long, after all, people have this inertia. Do you interested in, this website is true to life with a soul. Previous efforts website is particularly important, and lay a solid foundation, to develop steadily, not always confused.

The beginning of the

site should have a positioning, that is, the audience and the type of service they face. Do not start to do the whole, a dish can not be suitable for all tastes, from point to line, from line to face, step by step to do.

through the analysis, more than half of the traffic from the search engine, so the search engine for many sites are a dependence. This requires the SEO technology. The original content is the search engine preferences, but all the original seems too difficult, so even if the contents of the COPY come to join their own elements, such as changing the title and content, which is a shortcut. Remember, copy blindly will only provoke hate, The loss outweighs the gain. Do a good job with the website links can increase the personal site in the Search Engine >