What is it like to start a business ‘ve been here before

Abstract: you only in this way, try to go well, walk upright, some experience, some think, see more, do you want to do, finally, you can say, I came to this world, I love, I fight, I do not regret it.




if the trailer for a long time, and finally read the word, it is estimated that a lot of friends, the fruit off the. But this is my true feelings, from the comprehensive administrative department of operators across to the production department, plus is a new area of business, perhaps only the word can generalize my present condition.

for my department and I personally, the system of entrepreneurship is like a gorgeous adventure.

before the article began, I felt it necessary to explain what I am doing now.

my department is the big data operations center of the founding of the company, according to official reports, our main duty is big data "production" and "business operation", is the core function of enterprise big data platform construction and operation of specialized data center. For we through the aggregation of business support system data (B domain), data network management system (O domain), business and data management platform (M domain) three domain data resources, to provide services for the company’s foreign intelligence operations;, we provide personalized, customized, turnkey IDC and public cloud services, at the same time actively expand the data services and open circulation, to achieve external customers in-depth cooperation and market data.

In fact, if

more simply, we are "selling room" and "play" data, basically this business are quite "niche" in the past, even from scratch.

in my opinion, this is more like a business within the system".

don’t know God is coincidence or deliberate, recently often read and entrepreneurship related articles, but gave me great power in spirit, I began to reflect on recent work conscientiously sum up.

entrepreneurs in the end what is it?

Why did

say it was a business within the system?

what is the real experience of entrepreneurs

?Who is the biggest enemy of


Why did

choose entrepreneurship at this point in time


what kind of mentality and quality should

entrepreneurs have?

as an entrepreneur, how to recognize this era and then love it?


[first] what entrepreneurs do?

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