Problems encountered in the promotion of traditional enterprise independent B2B mall

in the previous article on the traditional business of independent B2B mall construction process encountered in the eight issues, published by a lot of sites to reprint and share. Then, the traditional enterprise B2B mall promotion about finding some of the ideas or summary. This article was originally published in the company intranet only 39, invited colleagues in the various departments of the company in the discussion, here to my personal views on the traditional independent B2B mall to send out, look at everyone’s thoughts and opinions. The main text is as follows:

find and highlight the mall has been thinking about the difference is in the promotion process, the difference not only with internal sales, agent and sales network three platform and complementary segments, is how to show highlights in the industry, "B2B e-commerce to create such a role. Differentiation is the product differentiation or performance differentiation is to go professional or a little fun fan? In short, the difference is interesting ~


B2B mall promotion channel is mainly: Baidu promotion (including search engine marketing and advertising network alliance); EDM; e-mail; SMS; micro-blog and single product special promotions. The road to e-commerce is found in several ways:

1, persistent brand awareness than what promotion effect is better than

Baidu for consulting conversion is the enterprise brand most words come from the company, people found that the industry brand is more important than the promotion of individual products, most of the customers is not to search keywords to general products, but the first thought of US companies such well-known enterprises, search their official website to learn directly, to consult customer service, to see if there is no eligible product. The customer’s purchase path determines the promotion of the product should be the first to pay more attention to push the brand, push corporate visibility. (of course, except for a single key product)

2, publicity should be developed from a wide range of awareness to brand trust and industry authority

With some help

marketing awareness of B2B mall breadth and SEO website ranking, copy the nature includes activities reported, the official news release, and other promotional activities, but it is just a simple cognitive process, and did not study the unique value of publicity on the mall or on the professional aspects of the industry I think, to set up the authority and confidence and.

3, on EDM and SMS precision marketing

EDM mail and SMS marketing, because we had done a few period, found that channel precision marketing our idea is not wrong, no wrong, but the promotion rate of delivery problems, which is a data is not very accurate but also is not the problem, but this channel still need to insist to do. We designed a lot of beautiful EDM copy, how to send e-mail and text messages to our potential population and not into the garbage box is the need to continue to explore the direction.

4, a little less popular taste. "