Zhongshan Soufangwang as an example from the external promotion strategy

website promotion should be based on the customer, the customer experience as the center, a comprehensive integration of resources, according to local conditions, the existing platform to effectively promote the promotion. Here are some ideas about the website promotion:

a search engine optimization

statistics show that the efficiency of search engine promotion is more than 87% and more than 50% of the spontaneous visits from the search engine. Based on these data, the site should be based on the promotion of search engines, the main theme of the search through the rich Zhongshan content and search engine optimization to improve the PageRank value, thereby improving the search engine rankings. Here to emphasize that the SEO keyword to the exact optimal settings related to customers to search, and each click to meet customer expectations, the customer experience is completely satisfied.

two to fresh graduates publicity

the city of Zhongshan has 6 universities, respectively Zhongshan Institute of Electronic Science, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, Guangdong Polytechnic Institute, Zhongshan Polytechnic, Career Technical College, the Zhongshan radio and television university. The 6 universities each year will output a large number of considerable number of graduates, the number of college graduates this year, Zhongshan has more than 17 thousand, including work in Zhongshan more than half of the students, these people will be renting a house now or later prospective customers and potential customers, because according to their promotion Soufangwang multiplier this group, many littles make a mickle., can not be ignored.

three borrow someone else’s platform promotion (low cost)

1, a large number of similar sites or popular popularity of the network platform, the release of messages and forum information. Zhongshan released the introduction of the housing or part of the Zhongshan boutique content, through their platform to attract the attention of fans, attracting enthusiasts to visit, effective publicity and promotion of Zhongshan housing.

2, now Tencent registered users have more than 1 billion 57 million, more than the number of active accounts of more than 484 million, while the online account at the same time, 100 million. Tencent this huge platform can be used for housing Zhongshan, by making use of some user-friendly search with Soufangwang LOGO and link quality information on Tencent, space, blog, forum and let users reprint Tencent communication, publicity and promotion of Zhongshan soufun. For a simple example, you can use the QQ on the home of the hot spots on the HTML articles made into a HTML document, people on the space. See the page in Figure 1)

3, Zhongshan SouFun Tencent certification application space, transfer Soufangwang latest information and quality information to the user through the authentication of Tencent, attracting enthusiasts access, while maintaining the old customers, so as to achieve the purpose of publicity and promotion to Zhongshan soufangwang.

4, part of the present is not very important to the relevant article content editor of the website, ask them to take from Soufangwang text, LOGO and links, so find the > in the convenience of the editor of the website to look for a needle in the ocean