tBuLu from the salt to see the four secrets of network marketing

these days, whether it is our webmaster or ordinary Internet users, the most attention should be around the salt storm. As a network marketing practitioners, of course, we should use the most sensitive to the incident when the smell to guide the network. Always seize the event marketing, the use of events and hot spots to promote their own websites and products, increase website exposure and product revenue, take one and success, take the second is the cause of success. First, let us look at our itbulu blog traffic background statistics yesterday. As figure.


webmaster look after you is not in to two questions: first, do not have to hold the hot spot to do this thing flow yesterday; second, the flow of good, really there are so many people. We do not rob salt yesterday, do not go to work with speculation booing, spare 3 minutes to write an article, just published in my blog, did not do any promotion can be achieved on the 10000+IP traffic. Then I told Meeop, I let him have a blog, then in some channels of publicity, the specific flow I did not ask his blog in a foreign host I on the night mail host foreigner told me the host CPU exceed the standard 40%, selling their independent server to me.

from this incident we can summarize the four secrets of network marketing, this is what I am currently learning, but also the success of other successful implementation of the webmaster.

first, keen insight.

I have seen several domain name business friends, every time they see the TV shopping, back will go to search for certain products or something of the domain name has not been registered. It’s like yesterday, if you operate fast enough, you engage in a special topic page on the site, or even a few days ahead of time can operate. At least I heard about salt a week ago, and I bought 10 bags of salt by LP in the past 2 weeks.

second, re execution.

execution is a lot of marketers often say, but also I often tell myself, my poor execution. Many projects have not been implemented, so that other people see their own projects to operate successfully. I was asked how to deal with the details of SEO, there are a lot of training to participate in SEO, I think it is not necessary, good execution can be, for SEO to see the basic tutorial on it, there is no secret. In the final analysis is the implementation. Last week my friend asked me to give him. There is no SEO staff, I told him, now no one can be recommended, because some people now understand a little thought is in fact everyone is the master, master, see how you perform. You’re right,


third, see the effect.


site is not waiting for the money, the need to observe effect, and then the tracking, and supplement. When I see the blog post has an effect, I immediately add a