Viral marketing more recently, you pay attention to

currently found in three kinds of

first, cheat QQ upgrade and free QQ number

is nothing more than allowing you to send his ads to 30 friends, upgrade, or send QQ number

this basically is certainly a lie! QQ and Baidu basically do not have this Sunzhao


second is to tell you how to make money, free daily income of 2000 yuan of automatic software

when there are 100 people through your ad address, click enter to

this is more ruthless, but also 100 people, his station traffic is not up,

has a daily income of 2000, you do not go secretly to make money!



Similar to the

line of MLM, you a registration, registered in several the following


said what the business at home, in fact, there are a lot of points of the kind of advertising it!

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