The opportunity of the new era of nternet marketing past life

IT and electricity business leaders Bill Gates and Ma said on different occasions in twenty-first Century, or e-commerce, or no business can be. In recent years, the domestic, with the further popularization of national policy support, and network equipment, the number of Internet users and the degree of reliance on the Internet is increasing, while online turnover is straight up.

in the face of shrinking line of the market, the effect of traditional advertising industry has been far from meeting the needs of enterprises. In order to seek a way out, many domestic enterprises began to have set up the network, like a raging fire department related network marketing, network marketing team. Planning, website, product shelves, network marketing, brand building…… It seems to be unfolding in a gradual manner, either in or out. Also dream of the big party in twenty-first Century, the largest share of the cake, but the end of the year and soon, but also a few happy few worries.

looked at the hands of poor financial statements, many business owners began to suspect that the electronic commerce myth, especially small and medium enterprises. See a lot of network marketing on the Internet for children’s complaints, most of the question is how to make the network marketing have immediate effect? For these questions, the author sorted out ideas, and strive to use the most popular language, detailed introduce the network marketing preexistence, find its essence, in order to make a better solution.

network marketing, as its name implies, is to the Internet as a medium and means to achieve the established marketing objectives and to take a marketing campaign. Network marketing in the last century, in 90s, the transformation of development, at the end of last century and the beginning of this century due to the network of consumer values and more intense competition and rapid development in foreign countries has become a relatively mature period. However, China’s network marketing activities, like most of the new products as a late start, but still catch the last train of the last century. Data show that in 1996, the network marketing began to be domestic enterprises try to 2000, roughly a starting stage, began to get more and more attention. Since 2000, the network marketing into the application and development of network marketing stage, preliminary form, the website construction of the rapid development of enterprises, the online advertising industry innovation, network marketing tools and means emerge in an endless stream. As of the end of 2011, the network users to break through the five hundred million mark, the Internet penetration rate is up to 38.3%. If the establishment of a country with Chinese Internet users, more than third of the world’s population ranking of the United States ranked two hundred million, if you can do the first in China, will be able to do the world’s first myth indisputable.

But the data will be

data, SMEs can obtain real benefits as priority. Analysis of a number of enterprise website to Yan Cong early, found that there are three very prominent problem:

1, the purpose of network marketing: first of all, it is clear that you carry out online marketing activities is to sell their products or to promote the brand to expand their own >

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