Chengdu online real estate fair marketing ideas

"based on the new starting point, creating new advantages, to achieve a new leap forward" for the general requirements, through large-scale activities, widely mobilize community participation, to promote the healthy and stable development of the real estate market in Chengdu to contribute. People oriented, the results of the election for the public opinion, people like, is the best, the leadership of the Organizing Committee and the selection of all walks of life.

1.2009–2010 Chengdu buyers expect real estate

2.2010 China (Chengdu) the most investment value of commercial real estate

3.2010 China (Chengdu) top selling real estate

4.2010 Chengdu real estate news event


5.2010 Chengdu real estate, the ten key words

twenty-first Century "green, ecological, environmental, health" has become the theme of our lives, in this context, the house as people place, also has the connotation of the times more green and healthy living environment has become the first choice of consumers purchase, low carbon become the pursuit of life. Although this from planning, design, construction materials and other aspects of energy conservation, environmental protection, green, construction costs will increase, but also indirectly push up prices, but the low carbon real estate has become a trend. Chengdu real estate market in the future, advocating harmony and harmony between man and nature, to promote the purchase of a house is to buy the environment, the house is also made landscape. The promotion of the upcoming online Housing Fair as an opportunity to vigorously promote the "build low-carbon eco Chengdu, build a happy and harmonious home" to attract buyers to come online and county election showings, then to Chengdu to real estate investment.

promotional theme

in the promotion of fair activities and transactions at the same time, to "build low-carbon eco Chengdu, build a happy and harmonious home" as the theme, on the one hand to strengthen public opinion guidance, advocate low carbon life, Chengdu show the value of living and investment potential, so as to set up low carbon market awareness for the real estate business, stabilize the real estate market to create a good social atmosphere of public opinion; on the other hand from the "online real rendezvous in Sichuan province’s first", "subversion of the traditional mode of consumer purchase" perspective, the large scale, high technology content, interactive online meeting room to build Chengdu to benefit a major brand activities.

propaganda strategy

the implementation of the general strategy of continuous warming, stage focused advocacy. From time to implement the news of long-term heating, plans to promote the news coverage before the exhibition continued to hype around 30 days. The publicity effect according to different media and functional attributes to maximize the integration of media resources, levels and steps, realize the brand of Chengdu city and the surrounding urban real estate overall brand again full marketing promotion at the same time, the core essence is to use the online meeting room of this new housing, property buyers guide set up the new network, the purchase of housing, to achieve the maximum of all regions, all levels of purchase >

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