The use of the creation of four kinds of mentality to complete a high quality soft Wen

Changes in the

will have four kind of mentality I write a soft time, from beginning to end like the sea waves, sometimes surging, sometimes calm lake, so I enjoy when I write text is not only for me outside the chain of the site, at the same time I enjoy is four the mood change feeling, like a child grow up feeling, like a ripe change, let me so many people may lead a person to endless aftertastes, and I have the same feeling, but I want to say is that although this feeling is very good, but in the four kinds of attitude change must also follow the soft rules. So that when the write text no matter what you have to remember, following me in writing the soft from the beginning to the end of the four kind of attitude, hoping to give some new experience, and teach you How to grasp their writing mentality:

, a violent earthquake like creation

this is one kind of feeling, when we want to write text the first thing is to think of a high quality of soft Wen, write a high quality of soft Wen is a good title, attractive title, so want to write in the soft title is the most difficult to think so, this time your mind is like an earthquake occurred severe shock, because there is no good title will not have a high quality of soft Wen, so that when we write text this first feel we must persevere, as long as you insist will create a very good. The article, when some people come here will give up, will not want to write, so write text must insist on it, don’t give up easily, but also must follow the rules when want to title, not easily Think of a title, below to give you the title of the rules:

1, the title of the word between the best 8-12 words.

2, the title should be attractive, but also with the combination of content.

3, title do not appear sensitive word, sensitive words will be deleted.

According to the rules of

selected the best title is the best, and must unremittingly at the time of writing, don’t give up halfway.

two, the

began to sprout germination

when the title to good you will feel very relaxed, do not want to love you at the beginning of the seismic intensity, your heart will gradually calm down, the beginning of this article is in your mind, so this time as adorable seed bud, is a birth of joy like this time, the inspiration is very good, but in the creation has been led to the next step, so that when the title to good, the content will automatically emerge, but when writing content can not be easily written, there are rules, because the king soft world or rules, like the children in the kindergarten, the only child is the teacher love will get reward, so that when the content began to follow the rules, do a in the soft Good boy, the rules are as follows

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