nternet marketing is nothing more than this bright spot

said the Internet marketing is so difficult, because too many people have a very simple problem in the complex, finally a simple thing we do is very complex, so you can feel the Internet marketing is so difficult, but I think the Internet marketing is simply to find customers and customers come to these two points, in addition to these two points I think no other properties can make you a deal, such a simple question, I don’t know why you get so complicated, so today I have the most simple way to talk about the highlights.


looking for customer

if you are a boss or want to make something of the marketing people, then you will be preoccupied with how to find their own customers, ways to find customers very much, I will not say it all, since today this said is a simple marketing, then talk about the method of single customer simply find, reduce all marketing threshold.

Find customers

micro-blog QQ: how about you can pay attention to competitors micro-blog and QQ space are what people? I can no doubt give you the answers, which are interested in your products, if you think this is the method in business mean you can not use this method.

exchange resources: each marketing staff will put their customers to do a good job of data files, I believe you also so, just rely on the old customers repeatedly marketing certainly can not solve the long-term problem of marketing, for a long time comes to take these old customer data to exchange new customer data, I do not know how many people have done such a thing, I participated in many times square marketing conference, after all is the exchange name card exchange for different customer resources peer cooperation can be similar.

Q & a platform: first of all I really do not believe that the inquiry platform can find customers, but in my Baidu connoisseurs really found a lot of mine industry questions, because I am a user authentication experts, so in answer to this on a little advantage, carefully weighed, the industry is not wide and not me narrow, casually answered a few questions can let more than 80 thousand people browse my answer, found from the 32 to the people who work with me, but I refused.

marketing software: you may through various methods of promotion, to create a traffic site, but not many people come to consult your product, this time you need to be able to help you develop a user’s software, QQ cloud marketing can help you crawl the site visitor number QQ.

customers find us

to allow customers to find us, seem to be very suffering, but most of the marketing is to this, I have seen too many companies do not have to do this for the customer, which is passive, so that we can not be less than other marketing people.

SEO:SEO refers to the search engine rankings, if the conditions allow you to do Baidu, 360 search engine optimization, of course, can also

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