How small and medium enterprises should master marketing skills

now many small businesses or just at the start of the enterprise to imitate a little big business marketing in the marketing aspect, see big companies are doing it, we also want to imitate, once a word has been imitated, never surpassed, it is not suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises in the present marketing means, this week evening people talk to you about the small and medium-sized enterprises should be how to marketing.

First we look at

is how to do the marketing of large enterprises, large enterprises whether in the network or TV advertising and print media advertising, they are nothing more than a few goals, 1 focus on the image of the company, 2 to expand the visibility of the product, 3 shops to channel pad, such as Lenovo, ASUS these big brands in advertising and they are nothing more than around the above three points to do so for small and medium-sized enterprises, we can use? Do they have money, a month of advertising in some small and medium-sized enterprises annual turnover, so Zhou Xi people think that small businesses do not want to imitate large enterprise marketing.

now has a lot of marketing, not every industry for all marketing means, or even yesterday went out today, such as network marketing, network marketing is about the corporate website, in the site also has a certain stress, some enterprises Jianye enterprise station, imitation Samsung, Lenovo enterprise website, do a an international fan, our network marketing companies do need to do otherwise is bidding, or is the normal use of SEO means to do, but we will do the bidding spend much of a normal, analysis by SEO promotion, about SEO people know that now needs to make the user experience, but also do a good job in line with the search engine the page, in order to have a good ranking in the search engine.

marketing is the need for conversion, when the keywords have good rankings, it has a certain flow, our marketing staff should do what, how to let consumers have the desire to buy, we gave him what benefits, such as discount, or gifts, or internal buying opportunities, I used to know a computer OEM Enterprises employees enjoy the factory price, qualification, or limited sales, Limited sales that would have to mention millet, Lei Jun to hunger marketing to achieve the ultimate, before he had done with other mobile phone, who thought of this

?Finally, we want to

how to arouse consumer buying action, on site traffic people know, a site traffic like a funnel, in a layer, we also have a lot of enterprise sales, every day asking people, but will also have the intention to buy a good part in the transaction when because of the price or other reasons will be a good part, when playing and will be less a part of, so we design the link is not very simple, I do want to take users today looks like white, contact a business website, vice president to do the registration function, also said to be registered have certain rights to download information, imagine that you add to a website to buy the product, said let you spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy a device, to look at the specific use, but also to their website registration will give you See instructions for installing and operating this product, you >

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