How to hold together marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises

in the marketing community, there is a word we can see everywhere, that is, powerful combination, but these four words can be said to be the exclusive words bigwigs. For small and medium enterprises, if anything to achieve cooperation, only in their own news YY. So, in the domestic economy and the industry economy is not winter, if modestly as "heating" but is the atmosphere and calm.

yes, this topic is the topic of cooperation between small and medium enterprises marketing. Small and medium enterprises in the market competition is usually in a weak position, if with a business or a brand to achieve cooperation, so that the middle of the attention and learning naturally a lot, for example, what hold the law and who hold?

1. What is the law?

for SMEs, there are several of the most common ways of cooperation:

1) product cooperation. It refers to the introduction of a combination of product partners in the same market, the most common is the combination of product features or brand portfolio. Such as instant noodles and ham sausage bundling, Nestle coffee and milk drink three flower function combination, Pepsi Co and Yahoo Corp combined online and offline promotion plan etc.. At this stage, more suitable for the majority of small and medium enterprises are adopted by the circle of internal brand cooperation, improve brand concentration.

2) distribution cooperation. There are several channels of cooperation, physical distribution cooperation, customer service cooperation. Small and medium enterprises with such cooperation to strengthen the channel management, reduce the cost of distribution and circulation are of great benefit, will benefit more investment in product development and service construction, in order to obtain customer approval.

3) promotion cooperation. This cooperation can be carried out on the premise that the enterprise goods in the face of the common target market, with the same consumer, so as to obtain a joint opportunity. The case everywhere, brand cooperation in recent years Jiezhuang market obviously, compared with the market impact of "Champions League" combination, several decoration brand kitchen appliances such as NVC, Sophia furniture, wardrobe, nature beauty cooperation, for the enterprise to consumers have brought benefits.

4) team building cooperation. The team is the normal operation of the enterprise, the biggest power forward, so the cooperation between small and medium enterprises expand team is a wise move, it includes the combined marketing personnel recruitment, assessment, training, the goal is to comprehensively improve the level of marketing capability and marketing of small and medium sized enterprises. In the process of cooperation, mutual care, complement each other, complement each other. On the one hand, we can enjoy the charm of cooperation, on the other hand, the activation of the corporate culture, the growth of the team momentum.

two, and who embrace?

as the saying goes, "stand together with great people, you are a great man; stand together with a person, you are a person", this sentence is very vivid interpretation of the enterprise cooperation marketing "matching" principle. Whether the strategic objectives of the enterprise have a meeting point, whether the value of convergence, but also directly determines the prospects for cooperation.


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