Enterprises do so many ads in the end there is effect Five problems easily tangled


this question I have been asking myself, as long as others see advertising, I would like to ask, generally there is no answer, but sometimes there are some answers, and the answer is generally not good. How much do the advertising effect, whether to afford so high advertising costs, not to say, is also not good statistics, described in one word, it is I.

once upon a time, Chinese consumers are the most to eat this set of ads, one word is stupid money more quickly". But the times are different, now consumers do not say than monkeys but also fine, but at least not walking on the road on a "shit". So, if in the enterprise, both on behalf of an ordinary consumer, but also an advertising person, how to think about the value of advertising. We start with a few companies easily tangled problem began…

tangled 1, publicity brand or product.

this is a very simple question, what product publicity what product is good, but sometimes the product is not very clear, but companies also want publicity, or have a clear product, but also want to highlight the brand, Tandaqiuquan engage in, what the results are not good. In my opinion, if it is rarely advertised brand, or product based, if it is often advertising brand, but also to the product based, and occasionally play brand. Now time is precious, please use specific products to explain your purpose, the company brand we consumers will understand through a product.

tangled 2, aestheticism or vulgar


problem is also very tangled, want to put advertising in an elegant, but found no one can understand, or feel incomprehensible; want to get the brand impression, so make a courier to send condoms what case, adults did not read what the child said, adolescent indefinite will be discussed. In the end is good or elegant vulgar good, this is really hard to say, but if there is no strong advertising ideas, perhaps vulgar point is the best value back to the safety of the ticket selection. As the classic advertising, "Hengyuanxiang, the sponsor of the Beijing Olympics, monkey monkey…"

tangled 3, hard wide or soft wide

when there is only a short while ago, the first to eat crab vendors, put the product into the movie, many viewers exclaimed, this is actually advertising, was never seen. So the manufacturers put their own calculations, the marketing company to save how much money, then it is true. But now, the number of viewers are lazy there are how many hundreds of pieces of ads of the time, this time to have effect? Obviously not, because the audience knows this is the money put into it, and want to rape the audience’s attention, or try to fool the audience of the people, the audience is not love. Or, the soft wide enough to do obvious, or, such as the "Shu milk".

tangled 4, is the owner of the letter or believe expert

who determines the form and content of advertising is an expert, but in the final analysis is old >

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