Analysis on how to do well the WeChat marketing (two)

traditional companies need to do WeChat marketing

last wrote a traditional enterprise how to do WeChat marketing, after a number of traditional business people recently asked me, Wan Yue can help me do a micro marketing platform. In fact, any business before WeChat marketing, be sure to look at their own business where the industry is suitable for WeChat marketing. Before choosing whether to do WeChat marketing, we must first figure out what WeChat is.

WeChat’s predecessor and status

WeChat is a Tencent in January 21, 2011 on-line mobile terminal set a number of features such as voice and video chat software. WeChat’s rapid growth in the use of users in the second half of 2012, when WeChat close to nearly 400 million active users. The base and corporate, media, public figures developed by the WeChat public account, as of July 2014, the total number of WeChat public accounts has reached 5 million 800 thousand.

WeChat and other platforms

one, the difference between WeChat and


relative to another product QQ Tencent, WeChat users relatively more focused on a second tier city, but only QQ people in the PC terminal network, while WeChat is the relationship between people in the network on the mobile phone, the mobile Internet is that people grasp the fragments of time, network time is WeChat pieces just rule the.

two, micro-blog and WeChat

micro-blog is a social information network PC side, and is open to spread, like a lot of hot events are the micro-blog forum launched, but eventually formed a hot and a large area of communication is through the micro-blog platform. WeChat is a social networking platform for mobile clients, and is a closed space for private communication. Micro-blog’s user relationship attributes are shallow social, pan spread, weak relationship. And WeChat is exactly the opposite reflects the deep social, fine communication, strong relationships. Of course, if you have different opinions can also add my WeChat jjhhwy discussion. And these characteristics of WeChat is now WeChat as the company’s new online marketing channels, marketers are valued.

an industry is suitable for WeChat marketing 2+2 standard

from WeChat to the enterprise can bring direct benefits to consider:

a, whether it helps to improve the old customer service experience and product marketing two times;

two, the ability to explore potential new users, and improve the product price profit, including the development of product features, shorten delivery time, intimate butler service;

strategic planning considerations from the enterprise:

a, can expand the enterprise brand exposure, and collect user feedback, such as product design, sales, service problems;

two, whether it can drive the industry to simplify the operating model, including the maintenance of the dealer system >

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