Talk about the need for talent network resume does not need to reduce the search engine spiders

case 1: the need to find work in July registered a resume in a talent network, a few days ago he found her boss joked that you had the job requirements are not so high? Do you think you had the job intention was 1000 yuan, the swallow asked very feel shy later……


open search engine search on his name, but is found in anger: flooding in front is nearly twenty copies on your resume and personal files, abruptly from exposure to the personal information in any corner of the network, and reproduced the irresponsible with modify out objective and expected salary own, seriously affect their life. At that time, because the swallow to find a job only registered on a web site, then asked to give a statement. The answer is that we resume library is open, spread by people at first from already registered the site license agreement, we can only send your resume on my website to delete the search engine to their own updated (such as Baidu snapshot) as other sites may be your own registered before resume! So the swallow and spent several days struggling to call the personnel to the job site own information deleted


case 2: from Li Jian (Jiangxi Information Port legal adviser) learned that the Jiangxi Information Port Service Center received telephone complaints often said she did not published what company information, every day was harassed such information. The editor is also very high, Jiangxi harbor is an open platform, the freedom to post there are many uncontrollable! Jiangxi harbor and introduced a real name system membership and real-time verification of artificial audit information


is an Internet era of resource sharing, but many can be used to hide information, maybe we are still immersed in the human flesh search is non, but maybe one day, that is the leading role of the search was you! Usually your personal data are inadvertently released by you at all the web site, such as your QQ profile, your resume, your friends information and so on a series of time for your personal wishes and published the privacy information was reprinted without cause, let you naked naked in the major commercial database! Thus protect your personal information to reduce the life for you

very important practical joke!For all of this,

interviewed Shen Yanqing, a lawyer at the Hunan Vanward joint law firm, and Mr. Li Jian, director of the Jiangxi recruitment hotline.

conclusions are as follows:

Jiangxi recruitment hotline from first to last on the website resume the resume protection! Our resume module first rejected the search engine spider crawling! Resume was reproduced in this piece I have as much as possible to protect the good job of personal privacy, such as the technology to be copied and other prohibited resume save, recruitment only to view and download the station through the virtual personal job information! Of course, any technical problems are of the possible, applicants should first choice you need talent website is a national or regional, professional or characteristic.

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