Analysis of the 2009 super shocking post contest

January 22, 2009, probably most people are on the train or plane, ready to go home to celebrate the new year, enjoy a happy family reunion. But today saw a big shock for information, to travel to Macao to spend 20 thousand yuan net, please send the posts.

I have not heard of

before posting that can make a lot of money, but the open horizon. Do you want to say ah, don’t take all this 20 thousand yuan, can take a 1, is 8000 yuan, digital writing up is very simple, but the money on hand for his feeble.

the author observed that the tour of Macao online month in the country’s largest Witkey — were spent 5000 yuan collected posts and soft, only for these articles doesn’t work well, although the amount collected is raised, and won the 1400 draft, but how these collected articles can play more I think the biggest benefit, Macao travel network why willing to spend so much of the price to please post it, a few reasons:

1, improve the site included: through collection of text and post to post a way to the Forum on "keywords Macao Tour" included the amount will increase significantly, imagine, one month, 100 people posting, each 1000, that is 100 thousand posts, how alarming figures, usually we webmaster even if every day all night, it may not be able to send several posts.

2, increase website traffic: the first have already said, keywords included increased will bring up traffic, but the post itself in the forum and guidance, users will according to the article to swim into the Macao net, the netizen is correlated with group and content, it can keep.

3, training site core user group: according to the search and post into a web site, certainly to learn relevant knowledge and tour of Macao, to enter the site, will make the choice according to the rich content, long time stay in the website, and promote to the good friend, the formation of self propagation. What a good idea.

4, a sensational effect: this should be the biggest China post contest, netizens posting that can make money, will certainly go to see, and the ability to use professional members, formed the strength of competition, in order to set up the team, we race each other, we must go to people, and are active; the activities of information in order to post a way to the nation each big forum, let everyone at all, made a sensational effect.

finally to say that you want to visit the thunder man contest:

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