Talk about how to do ebook promotion

today in several QQ group saw some PDF file sharing, then download to see why download, because the headline is not advertising, not what is what combat skills summary strategy, we went down, looked at, really, the world is not completely free of things, even free sharing is a purpose, such as your ads, take your submission on the website, you are simply sharing? Could you is to promote your micro signal, some for the chain, some in order to make more friends and so on. Well, pull away, return to the topic, or talk about things ebook.

In fact, we often can see the

PDF file in each QQ group, basically is the guise of sharing and summary of the skills to do the promotion, of course, can not be denied that the share content or value, although there are ads, but if there is no value, certainly will not have spread. I remember in 2011 when there was a very powerful team do Baidu know, what I forgot, I have seen a lot in the group they know about Baidu cheats actual PDF e-books, I believe many of my friends have seen, in fact, he concluded that the content is very useful, at least to do that Baidu know the skills and methods are summarized, including links and so on, if you have not seen the relevant skills in other places, so when you see this book, you will treasure, you will help to spread. If you have seen before, then you look at this book, in fact, summed up some of the very common method. I remember seeing a word, a lot of the time, you go to attend the training course, you feel a lot, because your instructor might expect but not summed up things speak out, or about the basic knowledge of those you don’t know.

In fact,

ebook promotion, it is necessary to do so, you go to sum up, you go to promote, you certainly need to have a certain role in the e-book. Of course, may not be of use to all people, but at least let some people feel valuable, willing to spread, others only to spread, then your ebook promotion is successful half. So why today to talk about the promotion of e-books, this promotion is not a new topic, but in fact, many people do not know, nor did it. I would like to say that the effect of a good e-book than you send hundreds of outside the chain much better.

we classified information or information released on the forum, can be regarded as pure advertising content, people have to look at the past, and now we are almost bored to death advertising, watching people basically few. The book is not the same, valuable, practical, but also relatively well preserved, put the computer or disk is also more convenient, I feel very good will recommend to their friends. Some friends seem to say, write books? Don’t write a book, write an article every day update sites are laborious, but also to write the book? Ebook promotion, a valuable book, but not completely let everyone to write.

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