Kangaroo cloud was $4 million 500 thousand PreA round of financing will promote services, big data,

news July 1st, the kangaroo announced cloud obtained from Yuan Jing capital investment, PCCW capital investment of 4 million 500 thousand dollars with the Pre-A round of financing.  

kangaroo cloud under the Hangzhou Dai number Technology Co. Ltd., founded in November 2015, is a cloud by Ali cloud and more than Alibaba senior technical person turnover and the creation of big data technology services company, rely on Ali cloud IaaS infrastructure, for customers to provide depth for PaaS/SaaS products and services.

kangaroo cloud will continue to advance in the three business direction, one is the service line, he is a kangaroo cloud contact customer channels, cash flow. Two big data service line. Three is the product line, will explore the specialization of the two products, ecological direction, as well as the future direction of the important SaaS. The three businesses develop independently, while at the same time.

It is reported that

, the founding team composed of more than a kangaroo cloud before Alibaba senior technical staff, kangaroo cloud co-founder and CEO Chen Ji Ping, during 2004 to join start-up taobao.com, 2009 promoted Alibaba researcher, has served as the hi Tao, wireless business, data business department senior director, general manager of life services, and Ali cloud Business Group CEO assistant. Co founder and CTO Haiyuan Ning, 2014 to join Ali cloud data division, responsible for Ali cloud public cloud data platform technology team. Co founder Zhai Qiang, 2013 to 2015 as the Internet division general manager.

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