The next drops Ofo shared bike complete 25 million A round of financing

today, the country’s first bicycle sharing company ofo disclose heavy financing news. In February 2016, venture capital investment led by Jinsha River, East Fanghong Dao with the cast, ofo completed A round of financing. Just two months later, in April 2016, it real fund, angel investor Wang Gang and joint injection of A+ wheel. So far, ofo total of 25 million yuan financing. Following last year completed only hunting capital and Oriental Hiromichi 9 million Pre-A round of financing, investors favor again by ofo.

taxi drops of horses, "the horse" ofo

involved in the financing of a number of investment institutions, are accurate insight into the market and the industry is keen to look forward. One concern is that it is "early Jinsha River venture capital investment institutions, taxi drops generally are not optimistic about the market in a taxi when the decisive shot, $2 million investment in saving money, let the drops have the opportunity to grow as a China travel market of the unicorn. And Wang Gang is also the most early investor drops, four years ago, he started the investment of funds, has received tens of thousands of times the proceeds of 700 thousand. And this round of financing is likely to set off another wave in the industry.

ofo get heavy financing, to convey an important message to the industry: the prospect of sharing bicycle model is very impressive. The taxi drops Bole injection ofo, it also indicates ofo might like drops, become a phenomenal company, let us wait for the market to verify.

campus phenomenon class products, ofo users ushered in an exponential growth of

ofo is the founding team of 5 members from North bicycle enthusiasts, they founded the company’s original intention is to let the teachers and students in Colleges and universities "have cycled whenever and wherever possible". In 2014, ofo founded, as the country’s largest and fastest growing bike sharing venture company, the first of its share of the bicycle ride mode has become a breakthrough in the field of shared economy innovation. Ofo to ofo shared bicycle as the core product, the user can enter the password to unlock the bike by moving the APP license plate number. In addition, teachers and students in Colleges and universities can share their bikes, so as to get all the free use of the ofo shared bicycle, to 1 for N, with the take stop, anytime, anywhere.


it is understood that since September 2015 the project began in September 2016, ofo with only one year’s time to complete the total order exceeded 9 million, over 800 thousand registered users, the daily orders broken single 200 thousand. Ofo has successfully expanded to 20 cities nationwide, is expected to more than 3 million college students to provide convenient campus travel services. At this rate, the Yellow storm will soon sweep across the country.


accurate insight into user pain points

innovative solutions proposed in the capital of the winter is still investment

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