Network promotion methods Baidu know promotion

Q & a website has two main categories, one is a comprehensive class Q & a platform, a vertical class Q & a platform.

comprehensive inquiry platform has a lot of, the main Baidu know, SOSO ask Sohu, Sina answers, ask the question and answer.

vertical quiz platform is generally from all walks of life, mainly have 39 Health quiz, SouFun cradle quiz, quiz, parenting quiz, quiz ZOL, tourism quiz, quiz game etc..

ask the general Baidu know, SOSO ask the question and answer applications more, while Baidu know is one of the most widely used, and Baidu know platform ranking is very good, generally a problem will be ranked very high, mainly to Baidu know today as an example to elaborate how to promote a quiz class website.

why Baidu know promotion is so important: there are three main aspects: first, Baidu know a large number of users; the two is Baidu know the user is accurate; the three is Baidu know weight is high, can assist the.

can be seen from the figure Baidu know the flow of Baidu products is very high, and Baidu know is the largest Q & a platform.

Baidu know promotion mainly has two ways: one is to take the initiative to answer, the other is a question and answer type.

a, active answer

active response can be divided into three steps:

1, looking for problems

so how to find the problem, you can find the relevant issues from the classification, you can find a solution to the problem on the basis of keywords, you can also set the focus of classification / keyword to recommend the problem.

2, ready to answer

will be the first to meet the problem of classification management: the main problems can often be asked to find the product category, ask the price category, and other products and four categories of inquiry category.

then specifies an answer rule for each class:

to seek product categories: first principles (or knowledge) in the recommended products, so that people feel the answer to professional;

asked the price category: focus on product quality, weakening prices, so that customers feel value;

contrast with other products: highlight the advantages of products, do not denigrate other products;

asked about the word of mouth: third party to explain the actual customer tone.

finally prepare some answer templates for these categories

3, quantitative execution

can perform quantitative team execution, you can also find Witkey implementation.

if it is their own team to perform, should be required to successfully answer the number of questions every day, regularly submit the implementation table, check and optimize the implementation.

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