New regulations on the implementation of nternet advertising in September 1st which will be a major

today, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce formulated the Interim Measures for the management of Internet advertising was formally introduced, will be implemented on September 1st this year. This approach as early as a year ago began to solicit public opinions, which shows the relevant departments of the prudential. Advertising is the most basic Internet business model, Internet industry revenue accounted for half of the country. This approach to all aspects of the rules of the Internet advertising is clear, advertisers, advertising platform has more stringent requirements, many of the common problems of the Internet has a reference. The introduction of this approach will have a profound impact on many Internet industry.

1, electronic business platform to promote a variety of advertising

In accordance with the provisions of

, advertising Internet advertising operators, Internet advertisement shall be distinguishable, marked "advertisement", to enable consumers to identify it is an advertisement." Prior to this, the electricity supplier platform advertising has not been mentioned by the regulatory authorities, not even the majority of Internet users know. In Taobao, Jingdong and other platform "shopkeeper selling", "HOT", "goods" label regardless of the legal level or in the public cognitive level, belong to advertising, but now not clearly marked "advertisement".

in the "Interim Measures" of the Internet advertising promotion information management issued, Taobao, Jingdong and other electronic business platform in the search results page, such as "shopkeeper selling" of advertising, advertising will be included in the management category.

in addition, the electronic business platform there are many forms of advertising, such as Taobao page, love hot single product; for instance the Jingdong of the search results page business choice; there are some platform search functions, such as around 58 "precision marketing" service. These are not the original name of the advertisement, the name of different promotional information will also be included in the scope of advertising law, electronic business platform may need to adjust the display style, and to strengthen the audit of advertising.

advertising is the core business model of Taobao and other non proprietary electronic business platform, the new Internet advertising management approach will have a profound impact on the electricity supplier industry.


2, social networking needs to mark advertising information


Q1 reported, advertising revenue grew 73% to 4 billion 701 million yuan, this business is a cash cow business after the game, which shows the importance of advertising on social platforms.

Tencent advertising in addition to Tencent and other media services such as Tencent video, QQ, WeChat and other social platforms also have a lot of advertising. Some of them belong to display advertising, and some are native advertising, which is similar to the non advertising content of similar advertising, such as micro-blog’s "hot topics" which promote information. After the introduction of the new management approach, the social platform advertising must be clearly identified, and in accordance with the "advertising law" for advertising.

3, search engine promotion service is advertising

"approach" provides that "pay"

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