The State Copyright Bureau July 31st unauthorized music will be offline

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news July 9th, the State Copyright Bureau issued "on the ordered online music service providers to stop without notice" authorized music dissemination, network music service providers to stop unauthorized dissemination of music works, and ordered all music service before July 31st without authorization of all the offline music works.

the following is the full text of the announcement:

each network music service provider:

to strengthen the protection of copyright rights, regulate the dissemination of music works copyright order, according to the "People’s Republic of China copyright law", "Information Network Transmission Right Protection Ordinance" and "copyright administrative punishment measures" and other relevant provisions, and Jian Wang 2015 special action of the work arrangements are notified as follows:

since July 2015, the State Copyright Bureau started to regulate network music copyright special rectification action, strengthen the supervision of law enforcement of copyright of network music service, promote the establishment of network music copyright order and good ecological operation.

network music service unauthorized dissemination of music more serious situation based on the network music service is ordered to stop unauthorized dissemination of music works, and in July 31, 2015 the music works without authorization spread all offline.

for the July 31, 2015 will continue to spread the work of unauthorized music network music service providers, the State Copyright Bureau will be severely punished according to law.

hereby notify.

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