BTChina shut down a chain reaction film subtitle sites have transformation

recently, the domestic well-known video download site BTChina (BT China Alliance) received SARFT notice, because there is no audio-visual license, the Ministry of industry to delete the record number, BTChina shut down. The news came out, immediately caused a small storm. More than 90% of users loyal to the BTChina, in the polls said they do not approve of shutting down. BTChina was also caused a series of chain reaction: users are familiar with the caption group website began to clean up, eager to draw a line with BT, quietly brewing transformation plan; even some experts predicted that all software download is likely to be denied in the near future. In the event of shutting down, the ultimate benefit is that those legitimate video sharing site, the interview, the relevant responsible person also said that the site will introduce more foreign companies to meet the needs of exciting.

7 in the afternoon, reporters once again try to log on to the BTChina web site found that the site has been completely closed before the announcement, hang out also exist.

Webmaster: temporarily not reopen

cannot access on the BTChina website, webmaster of the whereabouts of Huang Xiwei, there are a lot of rumors on the Internet, and even said the yellow big has been arrested. However, with the advent of the BTChina announcement, rumors arrested Huang Xiwei also announced that the collapse of itself, "about my safety problems, proving once again that the online rumors can not be trusted".

7 pm, BTChina webmaster Huang Xiwei accepted the interview with NetEase technology, said he has insisted to the last minute, until the relevant departments informed me to close, I was off." Huang Xiwei also said that since the site was closed, his mobile phone and QQ have been inundated.

Huang Xiwei confirmed in an interview, BTChina in December 4th officially received the cancellation of mail, on the afternoon of the site closed, and the reason is because there is no SARFT issued a "audio-visual services license", it is the website of the cancellation of the record number, but no record number is not in service, although many users "in the care of the website will not reopen, what time to reopen, but now is not the plan, tired and want to rest."

90% users do not agree to close

BT website is closed by a NetEase, and launched an online survey, as of 3 pm yesterday, 15696 users participated in the survey, only 4.35% of the netizens agree to ban BT download site; more netizens expressed disapproval, accounting for 95.65%. In addition, after the BT station is closed, you will use more online video website "in the poll, 36.05% of users said they would use the video website more, but said it would not use users accounted for 63.95%.

on various types of BT sites were closed, many users have expressed shock or incredible. The site was closed because of incomplete documents, it seems reasonable, but in the eyes of many users

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