E-mail has said personal CN domain name legal CNNC alleged contradiction

December 15th, the netizen expresses, China Internet Network Information Center (hereinafter referred to as CNNIC) in the previous email once told him, "domain name registration person protected by law", but now it’s rules do not allow the registration of the domain name.Cn. He is very confused about CNNIC’s self contradictory behavior, and believes that individuals with.Cn registration.

surnamed Zheng netizens pointed out that the Ministry issued the "Chinese Internet domain name management measures" provisions of article twenty-seventh, "any organization or individual registration and use of domain name, shall contain the following contents: (omitted), display person has registered the domain name qualification. In reply to an e-mail, CNNIC has told him, will not be deleted because of personal reasons for the domain name, the domain name of the legal protection of personal registration".

But according to

CNNIC developed the "Chinese Internet Network Information Center domain name registration" rules for the implementation of the provisions of article fourteenth, domain name registration, the applicant shall be registered according to law and be able to independently bear civil liability organization. Previously, CNNIC on December 13th announcement, from 9 a.m. on December 14, 2009, individual users will not be eligible for.Cn domain name registration.

Cheng believes, as the Ministry responsible for China as Internet domain name management department, legal status of the introduction of the "Chinese Internet domain name management approach", is obviously better than the domain name registry CNNIC "China Internet Network Information Center in domain name registration rules", so he thinks the person with.Cn the qualifications for registration.

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