DedeCmsV5.5 beta released today

news July 17th, the well-known DedeCms content management system will be released an updated version of the largest since the V5.3 today, this version involved nearly 20 BUG repair, DedeCms has always been a weakness in the search function, the greatly strengthened.

learned from the official forum, due to the relatively special version of the V5.4 version, the official version number has been changed to V5.5.

China station learned that the DedeCms V5.5 home page template page for a slight adjustment, CHINAZ got the first time a number of update preview screenshots.


home template into 4 light blue


adds the function of planning task management


random template function


user account can choose column management

attached: DedeCms V5.4 repair list and function update

1, the revised BUG:

– 1, add back the system administrator account, to remove members of the list of accounts;

– 2, this document requires registered members can access, you are a registered member: (text prompts incorrectly);

– 3, advanced search options release time, search error;

– 4, Member Center released the content and click "continue to publish the article," the HTML text box without (form action not);

– 5, the background article published, if you check the "jump", enter the URL, if you edit the content, found no read before preservation;

– 6, choice and steps of cutting pictures not clear, cause confusion;

– 7, document mobile content moves to the recycle bin, not directly to the directory (for further analysis)


– 8, custom form upload attachments is invalid;

– 9, if the title more than 10 words, like id 1 and ID 10 as the title was repeated;


– 10, include/taglib/ask.lib.php file for if twenty-second ($tid> 0) $tid = " (tid=$tid Or $tid2=’$tid’) is wrong;

– 11, member registration is the underlined words > mailbox

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