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Behind the privatization of

1.360: A bull market significant

Beijing on June 18th news, Qihoo 360 announced on Wednesday that the privatization offer from CEO Zhou Hongyi consortium. "The Wall Street journal" published online version of this article that recently a number of concept stocks listed in the United States announced the privatization of Qihoo 360, adding a boom to new heights. Analysts said 360 of the stock price in the past 52 weeks has fallen by more than 27%, while China’s A-share market is the main reason to promote the A stocks have been privatized.

in the privatization of stocks has reached a new high, the valuation reached $9 billion.

2 Jingdong in the case of Deng Chao derailed grab headlines netizens ridicule, Su Ningzhen is a master  


news in June 18th, when the Jingdong in Ningdu, Jiangsu today for years to promote the publicity campaign, spokesman Deng Chao has traced derailed". Although the Deng Chao studio statement, "Deng Chao said bluntly derailed" is a rumor, but as of 18 at 15:42 in the afternoon, micro-blog hot search "Deng Chao derailed" still reached 420 million.

and the number of previous star gossip hype is very different, the Deng Chao derailed the news, netizens not only doubt its authenticity, it is open the brain hole, the embodiment of Holmes, that "Deng Chao derailed" is purely Suning to block Jingdong 618 years to promote the use of the "trump card". Not for anything else, just to grab headlines with Jingdong".

3 treasure net admits " trafficking in children sentenced to death " Department of marketing: employees start   without authorization;

recently, WeChat, micro-blog is "adhere to the trafficking of children sentenced to death" pictures of the post scraper, and the relay is numerous, almost swept the network.

many users copied in accordance with the format of the spread, said insisted on selling the child sentenced to death, to buy a child sentenced to death ". Post picture shows the number of relays has hundreds of thousands.

this post has caused people to explore the issue of the law, but there are users pointed out that the post is suspected of marketing.

4 from the "Alipay fault": our Internet why so fragile?  

recently the Internet is also very interesting, failure one after another, let us first look at.

at around 21 p.m. on May 11, 2015, NetEase’s NetEase news, cloud music, easy letter, Youdao cloud notes and other mobile applications are not able to refresh, NetEase name of the game is also paralyzed. Failure reason: backbone network attack.

the afternoon of May 27, 2015, some users reflect the Alipay network fault, account can not log in or support.

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