First investors talk about the secret of Pinterest’s success listening to success


Pinterest is a personal version of cool hunting tool known as the American vision of social networking sites, after Facebook, twitter, Tumblr, and one of the world’s attention on its website, on-line more than a year, has raised about $37 million 500 thousand of the funds, and the well-known angel investor Brian · Cohen (Brian Cohen) the first investor is Pinterest. The day before the social media blog Mashable editor Lance · Ulanov (Lance Ulanoff) spoke to Cohen in an interview with Cohen about the cause of the success of start-ups.


home owners ( March 13th compilation: believe that now a lot of people like Brian · Cohen became the first investor in Pinterest, as the founder and chairman of New York Angels, Cohen in an angel investment people looking for new opportunities in a business plan competition in the understanding of the young man from the New York University of the · Silberman (Ben Silbermann) and Evan · (Evan Sharp); SHARP, became their first investor and witnessed the rise of a hot start-up. Cohen tells the story of the development of Pinterest and the Pinterest team different early start, reveals the reason why this can cause such a successful start-ups, he believes the story of Pinterest for entrepreneurs, there is a lot to learn from the lessons learned.

says Pinterest co-founder of the · when Silbermann, Cohen repeatedly mentioned a point, namely "listen", this is one aspect, Cohen admired Silberman he said, listen to understand xierboman investors, customers and partners. The entrepreneurs benefit by mutual discussion, especially on social network of entrepreneurs, is a very important point.

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