Taobao store online application for the transfer of the development of the couple to divorce the rul

original title: Taobao store online application for the transfer of the official opening of the development of the couple divorce shop attribution rules

[TechWeb] July 24th news reports, shop transfer line entrance officially opened today, which means that the future shop operators as long as meet some necessary conditions, to put forward the "transfer" application to the platform; after the transfer of the credibility of the shop remained unchanged, all business behavior will be retained unity.

shop online for transfer after the opening of the entrance, shop operators by the seller center page "customer service" operation section directly into the "shop entrance transfer", according to their own needs, select the type of application you need to transfer. At present, the type of support transfer agreement, including divorce, divorce and statutory succession of three cases, click on the selection, they will enter the corresponding approval process.


application can be submitted to complete the independent online shop operators, from the choice of transfer type, signing the application to the last change tied to Alipay, to complete the transfer of a total of 6 links, the system can real-time feedback of the approval of the progress of the application process and the corresponding necessary materials, the whole process steps clear, simple operation.

earlier this year, Taobao forum entitled "how we shop after divorce?" post, Taobao attracted the attention to the seller, just a week, more than about 100000 click reply. And thus triggered a heated debate in the industry and experts from all walks of life.

not only that, for example, people die shop shop registered, normal operation stop, whether to make a living the whole family, old and young sources of income will be cut off, these problems have been the concern of 7 million

in fact, from March this year to develop the shop transfer rules take effect until now online application entrance open, through the investigation of user needs analysis of the background and risk transfer shop, the final confirmation of the transfer must be based on facts, operate in the legal case. At the same time, the applicant needs to submit the materials were marked.

divorce, inheritance and transfer of claims are required to provide the applicant: divorce certificate, property division notarization, death certificate, notarized wills or estate division agreement notarization. The regulations also require the applicant must be at least 18-70 years of age, before the transfer of all the shops in the transaction must be processed, the relevant person in charge of the introduction of Taobao.

at the same time, Taobao on the transfer of the two sides of the store also has some constraints, such as the original store to participate in the signing of various types of service agreement, after the transfer to undertake. In addition, the shop has been the behavior of the assignee or punishment in the shop, will not be able to support the transfer, the application needs to pay the transfer fee of the store, and compensation for the reduction of the shops may be all the loan behavior.

with the increasing number of sellers, Taobao has become the country’s largest C2C site, which also requires the relevant rules to make adjustments to match the actual business situation. In particular, such as shop transfer demand, according to the facts to adjust the rules

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