5 million there is a great innovation in the blog!

      on the blog, and recent hot play. Although the eldest brother left the grassroots to create the first meal time to buy financial ash ash, although the celebrity blog hits Xu, though…… Finally on the Internet this summer and lit a blog fire: the most expensive blog baked, some people are willing to come up with five million yuan to fry blog, this person is Yuan Zhiyong. It is a talent in every generation.

      Yuan Zhiyong filed before a lot of people do not know who is now known as fast, up to a year; we do not know, like a super girl back two years, people will not know. Now, the power of the blog came out, Yuan Zhiyong than fast and super woman investment are much smaller, Yuan Zhiyong users in power, no less than men or super girls, this is the effect of 5 million.

      many people use the famous evaluation talented woman Eileen Chang Yuan Zhiyong: known to be as early as possible. In fact, the reference to the former IT boss Grove Intel words more appropriate: paranoid to survive. From this point, Yuan Zhiyong has the spirit of IT, suitable for mixing in this circle.

      what’s on the Internet? Talk about traffic, Baidu and Google dispute, do a video on the Internet has become a big news, it is difficult to convince, but it is the fact that the two traffic is also rising. For individual fragile blog, see is PV, users browse and click volume is converted into gold to gold, not much, and finally converted into gas conversion into gold has There are plenty of people who. Lotus elder sister despise people also know, sister is a Fujie!

      IT circle of what is more, copy; what is less, innovation. And Yuan Zhiyong’s 5 million, hit the latter!

      it is the original spirit of this paranoid, and this corresponds to more copy and plagiarism. When people for the October 2006 North drift girl Ai Qingqing China copy paper clip for villa news and feel fresh, with emotion for creative copy: first person Ai Qingqing is not China, certainly not the last one. A copy of YAHOO, Sohu; copy ICQ (I Seek You instant messaging software), the penguin QQ also succeeded; copy ancient song "Google, Baidu is also a success; a copy of Sister Lotus, fairy sister was also a success; now copy of Macdonald, Ai Qingqing" clip "why can’t success?! And in February of this year from the media broke the news Chinese version of clip is false play, may have the feeling of eating flies. In the Yuan’s personal blog, we see the China fried version of another source to do: in fact, the first copy paper clip for execution is and the exchange of Yuan Zhiyong. Copy is a way to create, when we have their own "song"

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