Destroy the coral for the benefit of Trinidad escapement one

backbone of the enemy to destroy, destroy the enemy leader core, the disintegration of the enemy troops. No leader in, to combat in the wilderness, only a dead end.

"add me QQ!" has become a way to stay in contact with each other when you have to say a word. Indeed, QQ number has become the number of mobile phone after the second communication code, and now no QQ number will be regarded as an antique. Since the birth of QQ since 1999, as of the end of June 2007, QQ registered accounts of nearly 650 million, of which more than 270 million active accounts. Such a large user base, natural Tencent "money" Cheng bright future, pop-up ads, QQ show, QQ mall, embedded advertising Tencent has become one of the fastest Internet industry development company.


With the reputation of QQ

software, naturally attracted a large number of technical staff attention. We imitated and change the QQ program, which also appeared a lot of masterpieces. In addition to the already retired Muzi version of QQ, QQ and coral Piaoyun QQ is one of the best, calculate the number of daily active users are in the order of millions. The main reason for these QQ is widely accepted by the masses of users is that they have a friend IP display function and shielding advertising features. Where friends make some very clear "utilitarian" users can improve the search speed, to avoid the time of "waste", this function can only be said to be missing Tencent of "humanity quick" features a little careless. But let the QQ is the most troublesome revision QQ for shielding the various forms of advertising, which makes the Tencent Inc began to produce in the advertising loss. From the beginning of 2001 the Tencent Inc began to form in the lawyer’s letter warned several domestic famous website QQ studio, more through legal means of coral QQ, Piaoyun QQ were 100 thousand yuan each claim in 2003. But with this does not stop the development and expansion of the revised QQ, by 2007 the number of users of coral QQ has reached 40 million 600 thousand, becoming the leader in the domestic revision QQ. When the Tencent finally sit still, the coral QQ actual developer Chen Shoufu, carried out a "Rio Lobo" action……

the day before we were still playing computer games, originally agreed to play with second days, but the next few days he has not appeared on the Internet, his phone has become a small secretary state. Later asked the school with a teacher closer to Chen Shoufu, only to know that Chen Shoufu had an accident. When I heard the news stunned, feel that Chen Shoufu is no sign of being picked up by Shenzhen police." Chen Shoufu’s friends, coral forum, another administrator Li Han (a pseudonym) said. In August 16, 2007, Tencent Inc registered in Shenzhen Nanshan Public Security Bureau police flew thousands of miles from the Beijing Institute of Technology School of computer center staff is coral QQ developers — Chen Shoufu. Later in September 8th, Shenzhen TV broadcast of "fire"

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