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released this article, without any purpose, just want everyone to work through such a plan to promote the work of the site, but also to find the inadequacies of the author and their own shortcomings.

at present, city link ( website development has reached a bottleneck breakthrough in the past, naturally, to the spring, and if this move, is in the face of our winter. In the process of the development of the website, the development and implementation of the promotion strategy is related to the improvement of the overall popularity of the city through the website. In this regard, I personally make the following plans, looking forward to the spring.

The main body of the

is as follows: 1. Two; site error response and submission. Three: the links (including links) blog. Four: the site of external advertising and external publicity. Five: site specific keywords tracking. Six: all measures conducive to the promotion of city pass.

specific focus of the work is as follows:

1: website information update and input. The pursuit of the perfect information, as far as possible to pseudo original, the realization of the information and the day of the Internet information synchronization. What’s the latest news, we will release it, at the same time bring out their own characteristics. At present, the daily release of information in about 40, Baidu engine included in the number of about 970, Google included more than 58000. Only from this point of view, the pseudo original degree is also improving, not just the title and the end, the same as far as possible to achieve changes in the content, without changing the original meaning of the case, the realization of the other side of the news report. In two months, Baidu included doubled

two; Web site error finding. Based on the user experience, but also to meet the SE habits. Therefore, we must strengthen the wrong search efforts to try to meet the SE and vistors habits.

three: the cultivation of the chain. The next step in the cultivation of the chain focus on the following three parts. 1: blog. To build a large number of blogs, frequent updates to attract the attention of SE. Insert a link to the site at the same time. 2: soft wen. The original text is more conducive to the collection of soft SE, while the long soft text will give SE a set of thinking, will think that this site is often original information. Efforts in a week two soft Wen, all about the internet. A lot of webmaster, reproduced large, wide area of publicity. 3: links. Link exchange has not been mentioned in the important position, the next step to focus on its attack. Try to complete 3-4 high quality links within one week.

four: advertising and external publicity. At this point, we don’t take any advantage. 1: we do not have the relevant advertising experience, 2: not good at grasping the psychology of visitors point ad. The next step is to focus on the study of advertising and the summary of external publicity. If there is actual combat, will be better.

five: keyword tracking. From the beginning of May, the site began to enter keywords. At present

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