Large forward, hand piece, data management, Chinese social marketing into the third stage

The concept of "

" social marketing ", new concept from a sermon in the professional researchers, opinion leaders in the China blog, now has become a brand and marketing manager for daily use of high frequency words, only a few short years time.

but this is not a long time, the "social marketing" the definition and concept of the industry and the public to understand, in fact is changing all the time: what is social marketing? Key enterprises to carry out social marketing behavior model is what? In social marketing for what is success case? Judge what is the standard of success? The answers to these questions have been discussed, constantly changing.

plus as a social marketing based development platform has also been constantly evolving, from micro-blog to Sina in the limelight is being questioned now and then to low-key but frequent action of commercialization, let us see whether this is a Zhongyong story or a lying pay tasted gall stories. Product details and imagination space Tencent WeChat public account of the amazing, then ten years to Beijing, Zhang Xiaolong will be how to deal with the enterprise in WeChat’s marketing needs of roaring waves, is now a historical precedent can be inferred without doubt. In the second echelon, easecredit, travel, etc. micro mobile social network, in the beginning of the birth of a variety of design and product marketing open interface mechanism, a veteran of the Qzone, everyone, watercress are also in figuring out how to conform to the tide of social marketing. Looking at the United States, pictures of social networks Pinterest, Instagram, video social networking Vine, etc. are in the rapid launch of the relevant advertising and data interface, quickly attracted the social marketing budget on the market. In short, all of this tells the brand and business owners: social marketing is still in the process of continuous development, continuous improvement, and this process is only one goal, that is: to improve the social marketing to the enterprise brings the value realization and efficiency improvement.

see the history of the past, in order to grasp the direction of future development. As Chinese social marketing from birth to full participants today, and thousands of customers to carry out the cooperation practice, some further research is system of international social marketing development, this field is still putting billions of capital and recruited more than and 300 Social Marketing craze Master a variety of innovative technology products and marketing methods, I want to share my past experiences on the development stage of China social marketing summary here, and why I believe that social marketing practice Chinese has entered a new stage.

first stage: large forwarding stage

from the date of the birth of this form of micro-blog products, the market’s understanding of social marketing and demand first focused on the rapid spread of information. As the proliferation of the node grassroots large, will soon become the best choice to meet this demand. And these grassroots large on social networks

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