From online to offline is the perfect combination of the truth

extended from this perspective, should also include the line promotion, many sites have not pay attention to the offline promotion, and for some industry, professional website, offline promotion effects will be very obvious.

is planning a successful offline promotion activities can serve multiple purposes, in a very short period of time to gather the target user group, user and station side, users achieve more "intimate contact", also can cause the attention of the public opinion and the formation of communication, continuously improve website popularity, increase viral marketing channel.

a successful line of promotional activities should be planned to achieve the aggregation of users, enhance popularity, expand communication, attract investment, attract customers, develop channels and other multiple roles.

In addition,

should also do a good job in the line of promotional materials to organize the summary, in the current era of broadband, but also the activities of the whole record as a video, ready to promote online activities offline.

a lot of site planning activities under the line did not fully play the role in activities with vigour and vitality, after the activity soon disappeared, the short-term effect is obvious, but did not bear fruit, and a successful offline promotion activities, should bring another round of viral spread, circulating rising, the development of a site on the summit.

only from the spreading angle of simple analysis, if the line promotion and financing, business contract, advertising and customer to undertake consolidate from multi angle and multi azimuth cut, fusion effect will be more obvious.

The success of

moment planning, can be quickly copied to different places, and constantly bring shock wave another round to the front, said, circulating a rise in the development of the site to the summit. All this depends on the success of the planning, the implementation of strong.

from planning to execution, the execution to attention, from attention to influence, from the influence to activity, activity resources development and greatly enhance the comprehensive strength of the site, a lot of successful industry, professional website is such a successful way, has become the industry leader.

community web site planning operation has been discussed, relying solely on advertising website only one leg, is unstable and unsafe today we should discuss is that from the angle of the operation, for the website, professional website of some industries, it is not enough just to rely on online and offline operation operation, the leg will go more robust.

online and offline is not isolated, the success of offline activities, still need to rely on the accumulation of online brand, influence, success with online influence website, can timely play the brand advantage, and the target user is closely linked to the advantage, understand the market advantage to organized activities under the line, many times online never mind there is no profit, online is the influence of intangible assets, through online influence, promote offline activities, not only to enhance the visibility, strengthen the contact with the user. "

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