Curious nannvzhishi, found the marketing!

recently because of their own reasons have been busy with other things, may ignore everyone, then, today, to talk about marketing in one of the means, I call it curiosity marketing!

curiosity as we all know, but everyone has, some people even very heavy, especially between male and female friends or between husband and wife, whenever you see the man in a sneaky way when WeChat mobile phone chat, your curiosity rose immediately, you will certainly want to, he was carrying me and the other woman chat is ambiguous, so your relationship at that moment a subtle change in


today, we say the curiosity of course is not between men and women, but in the use of marketing! Please note that here is the marketing, not only in the marketing of WeChat!

weekend, I went to the supermarket to buy things in the supermarket on the side of the square, scattered with the sun crowd, there are old and young children, there are young couples, there are nearby school students, there are nearby workers and office workers!

suddenly, a voice came from a corner, I was curious to find the voice to find, the original is a Unicom mobile phone sales promotion.

but I am surprised that the host is like in Taiwan and had no automatic speaking, I think the audience! So cold, everyone in the sun, China Unicom promotional activities, not to let you buy what the mobile phone charge calls, no one would be to see


but, gradually, a few minutes later, he has gathered dozens of people, finally even I was attracted in the past, staring blankly standing in the audience, think what will happen in the stands of


is eloquence, what marketing is so compelling? Listen to the report carefully to.

first, the host tells some before engaging in activities, said too many participants, led to some bad results, this time, through improvement, also hope that the people involved in order to ensure that everyone satisfied with


then is the key, he said, this time they have a lot of talent and help out, how a God? For example, you can only see the cute chubby mouse ten kilograms on TV, the Millennium bastard and so on, today they will appear here


then, the host asked the staff to come up with a box, about 1 cubic meters, but the host did not know what was inside. May be a big snake, is probably a big mouse, a crocodile,


then opened the moderator, to the audience to a passionate speech, this thing is usually very docile, but by fire, your fingers easily snapped


so, everyone began to guess, discuss, what will be inside!

then the host went on, opened the lid and looked at it, and then covered it up again, and went on to describe the thing in the most attractive way, saying that it was looking up

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