Xie marketing public relations planning Raiders


in the international competition and strong domestic rivals, the survival of enterprises is becoming more and more difficult. Nestle is the world’s largest food companies, but in the event of iodine exceed the standard is still incapable of action; after the light "milk", just to eventually lead to the failure of out and out.

in this crisis era, how to correctly deal with the crisis? Even if there is no crisis of enterprise, how to spread their own system? In fact, in the marketing era of more and more important, even some PR companies do not know how to provide solutions for the customer a system, and some marketing consulting company, also only stay in selling "idea" stage.

therefore, the author of a number of options are summed up, to create a system of marketing public relations planning strategy — "BDTEP marketing public relations planning strategy", namely from the background (Background), (Diagnose), diagnosis strategy (Tactics), (Execution), prevention (Prevent) five aspects, to solve the actual the amount of business situation of a system of marketing plan.


background analysis is a prerequisite for the successful planning of a systematic Marketing PR case. As a fledgling enterprise as an example, the present stage is still in the market development stage, but not with the case of marketing enterprises to market expansion, but suggested it to do sponsorship marketing, public marketing and so on, this is not the result of background analysis. So, in a successful system of marketing case, to the enterprise background, industry background, public opinion background data, careful analysis, based on a full understanding of the enterprise status, the status of the industry and public opinion environment, clear the practical needs of enterprises, that is clear and accurate planning of marketing public relations in the case of the target (including the first goal, the stage goal etc.).

case: after the adjustment of the pharmaceutical industry

2006, the national medical supervision system after adjustment, "the regulation of medical corruption, standardize the drug name, drug price to prescription drugs in the hospital market suffered a severe test of survival, some manufacturers have cancelled the medical representative of the normal visit, and even some prescription drugs simply exit the hospital market, many state-owned pharmaceutical companies in the irregular to rule, and lost their own future. For the background of the prescription pharmaceutical companies, we must find more effective than doctors recommend marketing "remedies", so that consumers recognize the prescription drug.


case: a diagnostic analysis of

Motom demand in different stages


case: "science and technology" Erke image positioning


case: Hongta Real Madrid Chinese bank

summer in 2003, has been suffering from SARS and become >

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