Alert QQ marketing space still can not be overlooked

QQ, Chinese Internet world a great leader, in an unexpected speed of occupation of public life. Whether you think QQ is a tall or dwarf dwarfish poor, there is no denying that, if you do not have QQ, and most people may not be able to communicate. QQ, the penetration of our public entertainment, can be said to be very skilled, it can let you in the network world has become a full ten of the nouveau riche, as long as you every month can spend tens of dollars. According to the relevant data of the survey, the number of online users at the same time the number of users has reached 200 million, from another side can be displayed, Tencent registered users will be more, probably more than 90% of Internet users have been covered. And this is the Tencent is very proud of the data, so a lot of marketing people to focus on the QQ space above, because the prospects are very optimistic.

so, where is the marketing advantage of QQ space, first of all, the number of users is the most obvious. As long as you use QQ, so there will be a lot of their own space. Then, the number advantage is very obvious. In the world of marketing, there is always a certain amount of influence and influence. It’s like China has a population of 1 billion 300 million, if everyone gives you 10 Fen, then the result is that China will be more than a multimillionaire. Tencent was born from 1998 to the present, has gone through more than and 10 years, and its biggest success is its customer resources. Customer resource is also an important part of information resources.

so, QQ space is the most direct advantage is that strong customer resources are unmatched by other companies. If you take advantage of, then the final value of the marketing will be well reflected. However, how to a QQ user can accept the way to use this is QQ space marketers need to think about the problem, on the one hand the reserved space in the original, but also to the formation of such marketing characteristics. At this point, the content of QQ space has its own characteristics. Although at this stage, its marketing features are not very obvious, but with the characteristics of QQ space content, its development prospects are still relatively prominent. Therefore, the application of various channels of marketing is an essential course in the field of marketing, then QQ space is clearly not be able to miss a course. Strong prospects for development, if the use of mining, perhaps in which to open up a different world. In this process, the priority in this piece of the market is very important, it is better to strong advantage.

In addition to the number of

marketing advantage and application prospect of the advantages of QQ space marketing advantage is reflected in what areas? Another point is that, compared to other channels, the convenience of QQ space is more powerful. Why do you say that, because other channels have to log in to enter, such as micro-blog, blog, paste, etc.. However, now more powerful smartphones, many people’s QQ is 24 hours online, and enter the space to see the relevant information more convenient. So convenience

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