Talk about how do offline marketing website promotion

in the vast network, a site if you need to quickly get the real site traffic. A lot of friends with the Internet on the charges and free website promotion skills, below I use my own little practical experience to say how to do offline website promotion.

a, motivation. Do not ignore the power of traditional media! Speaking of this, everyone may think that needs certain relationships with money, way and so on. In fact, not so many opportunities in our side, as I often read the newspaper this week computer newspaper last week, boring whim: since the free online promotion so difficult, why not try a computer journal reported it. This is the motivation of the whole process, the need for a suitable entry point.

two, the contents of the computer news release and publicity. Though I was that the Internet has a few years, but the technology learning not all back to the teacher, so last week spent some time making a small software. Operation is simple and convenient, positioning and is now popular non mainstream is very interested in the use of copy automatically converted to Mars text, traditional Chinese characters two options.

three, submission of the software and content should not be too soft". You need to edit the contents of the final review, use, if you want to do a good thing, you must give up some of the content, do not load the ads, do not put in statistical code and click ads, etc.. Because the final checks are edited, as traditional media staff, if your content is too soft, no echo will work.

four, good service after use. OK! You can have confidence in the first three points and your content, you need to do online service users after use, such as giving the interactive forum, QQ online customer service, follow-up comments submitted to improve service, upgrade service content and so on.

said so much, is nothing more than the use of traditional media promotion website released little experience to share with everyone, because the owners often think the Internet is a carrier for everything, in fact, offline promotion will be a lot of surprise, this time we need more thinking to convert real action to carry out.

(text: wave no trace source website: welcome reproduced!)

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