28 push the promotion of the road focus on user needs and continuous learning

originally wanted to push the establishment of the first anniversary of 28 years to write their feelings, but this year there are too many things, too many feelings, I do not know where to start. There are a lot of friends are curious, 28 in a short period of one year is how to develop so fast, there are special promotion methods what? Today from my personal experience and observation, to share with you my summary of the 28 push promotion way: pay attention to user needs and continue to learn from peers.

first, pay attention to user needs

we do stand, are talking about user needs, and meet the needs of users is our pursuit, which requires in-depth understanding of your site users. 28 push positioning for network marketing, network promotion learning exchange forum, the slogan is: let the network marketing, network promotion becomes more simple, this simple slogan has been out of the webmaster needs. The following share of the 28 push several measures are based on user needs and set up:

1, allow the chain. Almost most of the webmaster friends, regardless of whether or not to SEO, always write your address in your forum signature, with super chain, who said this is not a big demand of stationmaster? So the 28 push has been allowed to sign with a link, do not need too high level forum can set the signature, and with 28 push more and more active, more and more high weight, the effect of the chain is also getting better and better, this will attract more webmaster friends. Of course, there are always some people lazy, loopholes, the use of software and so on continuous irrigation, the hair of the chain, I think all the forum administrator with deep feeling to it, which for a popular forum is very difficult to avoid, but will also have a lot of measures to avoid and prevent.

2, 28 push public training. 28 push members hope to learn more knowledge of network promotion, and learning need to practice, in order to give more people the opportunity to practice 28 push public training was born, this also opens up the 28 push public training section. Mr. Mou Changqing is not taboo in the blog said, do 28 push public training although no charge, but also a little selfish, that is to promote active forum and forum, as long as 28 to push the training well, the students really learn something, on one hand the students to share the experience of articles will enrich the contents of the forum. Active forum atmosphere, on the other hand, the role of word of mouth will make 28 push better promotion. Of course, there is a key point is that through training can really bring harvest, learn.

3, the training of

moderator. In the 28 push, as long as it is hoped to provide services for 28 members, and have the time and energy, also have the spirit of learning, have the opportunity to become the 28 push the moderator. 28 hope moderators in addition to service members, can obtain their harvest, for example, learn more management experience in the forum and make more friends. From the forum was established at the beginning of the 28 founding team members as the moderator, to lay a good foundation for the forum, then slowly withdraw from the founding team members, give newcomers more opportunities to push in > 28 now

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