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Popular comment every time you open Admin5

recently on the snow always there, after the open look to admire the Ao means a marketing, summed up in the following points:

The first

: each editorial started always scold Aoxue, how to be a SEO expert, or ask a question we must charge 5000 and some other words, personal feeling this is Ao look to add their own, it is clear that by condemning to attract eyeballs. This article reviews the end is always a lot of people for AO talk, this is the genius of Ao xianyihouyang.

aims to tell everyone:
1, I am a SEO expert: if it is not an expert, why do you ask me to ask questions? Why because I did not get a reply to comment attack me!
2: I was engaged in SEO training: training costs 5000 yuan, the university still have to pay tuition, with me to learn the technology may teach white?

second: Ao article will give them more or less to learn something, so to fully mobilize everyone’s appetite, let the people feel and the Ao "biased" can’t help the confrontation. The Chinese people love to follow a habit, behind the curse immediately followed the call, which has become one of the hottest Admin5 Ao article reviews.

Its purpose is:


brothers clear about it, don’t let Ao lead you by the nose.. You comment on scolding him, maybe he is watching comments laughing, laughing at those he used the fool.

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