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, Taobao joint police and intellectual property Bureau for counterfeiting, as the domestic electricity supplier in the field of big boss, Taobao has been selling the majority of users criticized. Seeking truth from facts, there are fakes everywhere in Taobao, and Tmall is much better than the case of Taobao. For example: many clothing category shops, in fact, there is no difference between the supply and the roadside stalls, purchase channels are the same. This shop is very much, Taobao shop to lower the threshold, thus became the ideal platform for many unscrupulous merchants selling fake products. Today, Taobao, Tmall countless shops, the number of its products is an astronomical figure, which is very difficult for management.

Why Taobao will falter



to fake is not a day for two days, in the quality of goods, Taobao rival Jingdong on the performance of the good. Frequent online shopping friends should have a deep understanding of the relatively small fake Jingdong, of course, the same type of commodity prices will be higher. As the saying goes, a sub price goods, or a wool in the sheep, since it can be guaranteed to be authentic, so high prices are no ground for blame. The number of Taobao products are also a lot more than the Jingdong, the two may not be an order of magnitude, so Taobao to eliminate fake, it will be very difficult, so many small sellers, how to supervise them.

in addition, Taobao official also unable to check for each commodity, especially clothing product categories, if only rely on a limited number of regular flagship store, so Taobao was a bombshell. And Taobao goods cheaper, which just meets the needs of many ordinary people’s shopping, in fact, many daily necessities do not need any brand. For example, I want to buy a pair of slippers, do not need to pursue what brand, imagine, if such a commodity on Taobao disappeared, then the user will go to Taobao. This is a fake Taobao is the main reason, there is a demand supply.


need to do what aspects of counterfeiting

but Taobao fakes must be controlled in a small proportion, any business website in fact can not guarantee that the goods 100% genuine, most grass root users also don’t pay attention to whether the goods are genuine. Taobao wants to fake a good effect, can be divided into two aspects: one is to strengthen the supervision of small sellers, Taobao users to buy inferior products after complaints, such complaints according to the information of the user to monitor the seller. The second is associated with the relevant departments, such as the cooperation with the Intellectual Property Office, the police, so as to eliminate spam products from the source.

even so, fake Taobao is still difficult, too difficult to artificial supervision and inspection. There must be a lot of Taobao users to participate in, to actively report those selling shops that might reduce taobao.com fake products. In short, now Taobao must be under the cruel crackdown on fake phenomenon, otherwise taobao.com will gradually lose credibility.

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