Ali 38 strategic shift giant O2O before the war drill


recently saw a lot of questions about Ali’s business model analysis, many of which are bad mouthing Ali 38 activities. For the 38 quarter of the activities of Ali, singing a bad argument is that the day of the incident occurred on the same day in the 38 section of the Malaysia Airlines incident, stole the limelight of Ali in the 38 quarter.

to tell you the truth, it’s a little bit small tragedy, micro-blog from the public point of view, Ali 38 Festival Double eleven compared to the previous activities do a lot of small momentum. But only in order to determine the Ali 38 Festival is obviously too small in defeat, Ali O2O layout strategy. In the east view, the 38 Festival, more like Ali in a giant O2O test before the war.

time, place, category select release exercise intention

Ali’s 38 quarter activities, although the media called the mobile side of the double eleven, but with the activities of the two or there is a big difference between the eleven. First of all, from the choice of the time period, Ali chose in the weekend rather than usual, is hoping to be able to more online users through the mobile phone Taobao’s activities for the next line of business to bring passengers. From Ali choose March 8th as the observance day that day, you don’t intend to betting online publicity and speculation, because this is the highlight of the activities under the line. And obviously, the weekend is not micro-blog and other social media user activity time of the highest, if Ali from the beginning, we hope to get maximum exposure activity in micro-blog, will choose another day, at least not on Saturday.

we look at the city of choice, Ali chose Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Nanjing, Xiamen and other 9 first-tier cities, and not Tandaqiuquan blind, that situation on the O2O market to see Ali more clearly, the mobile Internet penetration level and the city the level of consumption, coupled with the training site for many years on the service life of the user group purchase of consumer habits, is undoubtedly the best test.

from the choice of categories, the 38 quarter of the push is the food and film. As everyone knows, this is two years of the group purchase website, user consumption habits formed, merchant acceptance is higher, and easier to implement to promote the O2O mode. And from this pushing Ali Taobao mobile phone and Amoy little ho throw daughter private use please friends dinner and a movie, Ali on the activities of the definition is more like a O2O business model to test the water, or O2O before the battle of the military exercise.

strategic shift, hand Amoy Ali O2O will be the focus of

not only in the activity to see a O2O war "maneuver" means, but also reflects to a certain extent, the strategic focus of the Alibaba have begun to shift, the wireless terminal mobile phone Taobao was Ali to build core strength in the future O2O war. Especially from last year, Baidu maps with High German navigation free war, and then to the nearest fast and drops taxi software between >

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