Cross border acquisition of two new assets the construction of two-way cross-border retail channels

news December 10th, billion state power network was informed yesterday evening, Tong Bao cross-border e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as cross-border) announcement, intends to combine through the issuance of shares and cash is the way to buy 100% shares of a Agel Ecommerce Ltd in Shanghai and Guangzhou and the right balance of supply chain Technology Co., Ltd. 84.61% stake.

according to the announcement, and one supplier is domestic and imported goods for goods trade and business integrated service providers, to the domestic high-end household consumption circle preference oriented to maternal digital consumer market entry point. And a 100% stake in the electricity supplier transaction price is 1 billion 790 million yuan, which paid 630 million yuan in cash, issue of shares by way of payment of 1 billion 160 million yuan. In terms of profitability, excellent one electricity supplier 2016, year 2017, year 2018, net profit of the year of the commitment to achieve a net profit of not less than $100 million, 134 million yuan, $167 million, $208 million.

100 Lun technology is in product development design as the core competitiveness, to provide cross-border logistics products with the ability to integrate resources, information management and data analysis ability, cross-border e-commerce service ability and business trade service providers, dedicated to the beauty and high consumer products to consumers around the world to provide unique and creative. Bai Lun technology 84.61% equity trading at a price of 410 million yuan. Among them, to pay 98 million 30 thousand yuan in cash, to issue shares in the way of payment of $300 million, a total issue of 19 million 500 thousand shares. Hundred Lun technology 2016 to the annual commitment to achieve net profit of not less than 24 million yuan, respectively, $43 million 500 thousand, $61 million, $79 million.

cross-border side said that the main purpose of this transaction has the following four points:

1 m high quality cross-border electricity assets, a new form of two-way cross-border retail to build data driven precision operation mode as the core;

2 focus maternal digital consumer community, with the help of global cross-border import electricity supplier channels for


3 the acquisition of technology is a hundred listed companies to implement the category brand product strategy, strengthen cross-border export electricity supplier industry leading strategic initiatives;

4 this transaction is to achieve the integration of the advantages of resources, increase revenue and enhance the profitability of listed companies effective measures.

it is worth noting that, in the middle of last month, cross-border pass issued on the sale of assets of the announcement that the sale of its holdings in Shenzhen hypertech Co., Ltd. 4.1779% stake, the transfer price of 83 million 558 thousand yuan.

billion state power network to understand, cross-border e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd formerly known as Tong Bao hundred round pants industry, the company the full acquisition of universal Tesco in July 2014, began to get involved in cross-border electricity supplier. The beginning of the year ended the third quarter of this year, cross-border total revenue reached $5 billion 525 million 800 thousand, an increase over the same period last year >

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