Google alliance was deputy director of hard-earned money

said the alliance and alliance is an important source of funding, the owners, advertising click pop into sales alliance alliance, are an important source for the webmaster advertising and benefits, Google alliance is the webmaster agent, interest may be on sale. Today’s news, Shanghai GoogleAdSense Advertising Co., Ltd. China GoogleAdSense business and the introduction of GOOGLEADSENSEONLINE plan, mandatory, if the owners do not agree to exit. A new agreement on the GOOGLE alliance was developed, with the following specific changes:

$1 before the dollar is now turned into rmb. Shanghai seeks not to pay any income balance of less than 740 yuan. (will the price of the ad be changed?


2 webmaster only contact with Shanghai. For any advertising or links that are displayed on your resources, you agree to contact only with Shanghai directly, without contacting any advertiser. The equivalent of supporting unique local enterprises. (more than one agent, the webmaster and more exploitation)

3 Shanghai construction will find amount according to applicable tax law to pay from your withholding any taxes or fees. Before deduction of personal income tax, the possibility of withholding tax is relatively large, the specific rules to be determined.


4 the author pays attention to the Google ads began to place IDC ads and other ads that have not been seen before. Obviously there will be some big moves.

Google alliance is agent is assured, a mandatory agreement to bring some impact some webmaster is huge! Has been Google and $RMB price difference caused by advertising dollars enthusiastic webmaster. Now turn to the renminbi, although the money or money, but one of the changes that money will be devalued interests of the webmaster or will be compromised


local agents have many active factors unfavorable

conversion Google single click the lowest price is 1 cents equivalent to 7 points RMB. While the domestic price is generally low, and no third party data statistics, alliance only 3 points RMB the price gap widened more than doubled. The scissors as can be imagined. If you click on the ad changed, then Google union owners of wealth has shrunk. According to the RMB click the price down and the provisions do not pay any income of 740 yuan or less, relative to get the threshold of the owner of the money on the high side, or the webmaster will find their own alliance.

advertising alliance as above does not allow the use of third parties to monitor the effect of statistical monitoring, or the existence of the amount of clicks and hidden clicks and other statistics. Google will not be responsible for the problem of the list of companies, so Google alliance or will reduce the threshold to join the webmaster, the introduction of advertising is relatively relaxed, advertising from the beginning of the launch of IDC advertising can be known.

personal deductions, specific measures for implementation of tax deduction and not released, and the existence of enterprises.

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