Honey bud how to vertical mother and child electricity supplier from freezing point to boiling point

at present, the 2 trillion market share argument, has been so that China’s vertical maternal electricity supplier industry into a boiling point. The rise of a large number of emerging entrepreneurial platform, the influx of capital crazy. However, in 4 years ago, China’s vertical maternal electricity supplier industry is still at the freezing point, along with a number of landmark events is one of the red child was Suning price of $60 million acquisition. But at the same time, a company called "Honey bud baby" small Taobao store is growing rapidly, and in a few years, become a leader in Chinese vertical electricity supplier, witness and lead the industry to the boiling point. So how does she do it?


encounter freezing point tangled

maternal vertical electricity supplier can do?

time back to 2012, China’s well-known mother and child electricity supplier honey bud predecessor, also known as honey bud baby, just a Taobao four crown shop. Although there is a good reputation in the maternal and child populations, but compared with the red child such a large platform, but also can only be regarded as just a little brother.

however, in this year, the red child was Suning price of $60 million acquisition, announced a vertical maternal electricity supplier in the industry is not recognized. While honey bud founder Liu Nan and her buddy did not dwell too much on this point, they put more effort to find more good supply in the day, his tally, delivery.

from May 30, 2013 to May 2014, the state has introduced fourteen policies to control the mother and child industry, the beautiful prospects of the mother and child industry began to enter the eyes of capital. It is precisely at this time, the honey bud accumulate steadily obtained from real angel investment fund in the first time. In March 2014, officially launched the honey bud platform, become the first domestic import maternal sale platform.

now, as the honey bud CEO Liu Nan, often by the media to ask this one question: maternal vertical electricity supplier can do it, because the mother and child vertical electricity supplier target customer base life cycle is very short, only 3-4 years. And the industry’s gross margin is low, high standards.

for these problems, Liu Nan looked very thorough. She believes that, first of all, as the electronic business platform, in order to earn money in the user’s life cycle, it is necessary to make money before his loss, otherwise it is very troublesome. Secondly, because he is active acquisition, must let him take the initiative to obtain information in you here, let him get to you, and not your old to capture him, he gets the active use of user behavior.

in Liu Nan seems, if you want to do electricity supplier, really do not do too vertical, if you want to do vertical, then the electricity supplier is only a tool for you. This is a letter to the head of the honey bud stick, we want to locate themselves is a vertical industry company, rather than a vertical electricity supplier companies, and even electricity supplier is the vertical industry company inside the

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