Copycat version of star custom dress Shanghai students open shop thousand

photo caption: a female white-collar workers in Shanghai are online browsing Kylie dress shop

Oriental Network reporter Huo Shijie reported in July 7th 2009: "Chinese employment blue book" published in June 10th, 5 million 292 thousand and 8 of college graduates (the college), there are still 730 thousand unemployed. Another data show that from September 2008 to date, Taobao’s new store opened nearly 20 per month, more than 5000 people a day on Taobao shop. Open a shop, really can solve the employment problem?

One day

July 2009 afternoon, Shanghai COSCO two Bay City high-rise housing balcony, Richie drinking coffee, while cutting the cloth, her mother is in the side on a sewing machine, in accordance with the "I’ll draw you a white line cut, can select small." In February 2008, graduated from the Department of management at the Shanghai Institute of Physical Education from their own a few months, I resigned from a formal work to do the mother home from Tianjin to Shanghai, with a tailored dress shop, she returned to his shop a foreign name – "Kaylee (Kylie)" dress shop, "mean the joy of asylum seekers". Now, Richie is already has a diamond credit and a monthly income of tens of thousands of shop owner.

: business store manager resigned from the work Diyitongjin self tuition subsidy mother

distance Richie graduation and first half of the year, the global financial crisis has not yet come, but the work is not so easy to find. A fair catch, the results have been unsatisfactory, "poor company did not look good, and I do not see the company." Dream to be the assistant manager Richie finally "surrender" to join the world’s top 500 enterprises of Starbucks, when the waitress in the coffee shop.

learn to do all kinds of coffee drinks, cleaning table, cashier…… After 3 months of study period, I passed the examination of the trainee manager, become the backbone of the business shop. Can be transferred to another store after being transferred to the Shanghai headquarters, pick up trash, wipe the table, sweep the toilet…… Every day with the lack of technical content of the labor, let Richie feel more and more boring.

October 2007, Richie’s mother came to Shanghai to see her daughter, by relatives to work in a dress studio, "my mother for 20 years when the tailor had spent some time in the Japanese garment factory, quickly mastered the whole process of making the dress." At the same time, Richie and a colleague in his opened the first shop of their own, "a total of two less than 2000 yuan investment in several batches of goods, after 3 months of the total assets of over 10000, I took the first barrel of entrepreneurship to the mother, even if they pay for College a year after the tuition."

business opportunities: the most popular version of the star version of the latest version of the most popular open shop monthly income of 20 thousand

work is not satisfactory, open shop tasted the sweetness, the mother is the technology available, he decided to quit his job in the shop. Rent a house, buy equipment, make clothes…… Shop in

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